BIM Solutions
for Bridge Engineering

ALLPLAN has developed a unique, integrated BIM solution especially for the requirements of bridge construction. Products cover the areas of reinforcement and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Bridge Construction Software

Modeling, structural analysis and detailing with a single software

Changes to bridge models are often required. The associated workflows can be time-consuming and error prone. Bridge designers, structural engineers and bridge detailers must overcome these challenges on a daily basis and also work efficiently with project partners and check their model quality. ALLPLAN offers the ideal software solutions for all these tasks.

> Parametric model creation, static analysis and detailing from a single source
> Reinforce and detail concrete structures quickly and efficiently
> Open BIM platform for efficient collaboration across all disciplines

Below you will find in-depth product information, testimonials and inspiring reference projects.

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Our solution portfolio
for bridge construction

Bridge Engineers

The innovative solution for BIM in bridge construction

The use of BIM in bridge construction delivers many benefits. Due to clear, coordinated processes, deadlines can be better met. The quality of the continuously optimized bridge design increases, together with the structural analysis and code-dependent design, as well as through fast construction variant comparisons. On the construction site, there are fewer delays due to design and planning errors and therefore construction is more cost-effective. Finally, all parties involved benefit from smooth data exchange through openBIM.

  • Design and build attractive and safer bridges
  • Reliably meet your deadlines and budget targets
  • Optimize transparency, communication and coordination through open data exchange and BIM

Queensferry Crossing

"With its 3D reinforcement module, Allplan provided us with excellent support in the construction design so that precise collision­free reinforcement detailing could be provided at the building site while meeting all delivery deadlines."

Andreas Hartung, LAP­Consult/Germany

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Versamertobel Bridge

"Allplan was particularly useful for the 3D depiction of the design of the foundations in steeply sloping ground, as well as for the complex geometrical details and for eliminating reinforcement collisions."

Oliver Müller, dsp Ingenieure

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Aare Bridge

"With Allplan’s approach to 3D models, we were able to guarantee the correctness of the geometry for formwork, reinforcement and pre-tensioning and construct all components neatly."

Rudolf Vogt, Co-owner of ACS-Partner

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Tamina Bridge

"Already during the planning phase, extensive designs of pre-stressed element guides and reinforcement were required to demonstrate the constructability of the design on the one hand, and similarly to make the tendering construction companies aware of the challenging framework conditions. A very powerful tool was available for this purpose with Allplan Engineering."

Markus Förster, Department head for bridge building at Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner

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Advantages of the Allplan Bridge solution

Model creation without compromise

Allplan Bridge has been developed by recognized bridge experts. The 3D parametric model description considers the road layout, bridge alignment and required cross-sections, making model configuration quick and efficient. Complex geometries including double-curved alignment and variable cross-sections can be created easily. The user only needs to define typical cross-sections and Allplan Bridge will accurately calculate all cross-section variants in accordance with the defined table(s) or/and formula(s).

Structural Analysis

A global static analysis based on the Bernoulli beam theory is performed for all automatically and manually generated calculation actions defined previously in the construction sequence definition. The analysis is enhanced to accurately consider the cross-section variation. Furthermore, the nonlinear calculation of time dependent effects is performed, considering design code formulas.

Code Based Design

Design of necessary reinforcement area is based on both ULS and SLS requirements. Governing combinations of internal forces including 2nd order effects are checked against flexural, torsional and shear resistance and the requirements for stress limitations and crack width. The greater of calculated or any manually specified reinforcement amount is used for code assessments of the cross-sections.

Railway bridge Grubental

The section of the new line Ebensfeld-Erfurt was planned by the engineering office schlaich bergermann partner and was carried out by the Goldisthal Railway Bridge consortium (Bickhardt Bau AG and Ed. Züblin AG). Situated about five kilometers southwest of Goldisthal in the Thuringian Forest, the 215-meter long structure spans the Grubental Valley at a maximum height of 35 meters and connects the Goldberg Tunnel with the Dunkeltal Bridge.

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Sava Bridge

Belgrade lies at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. For years, expansion of the northern suburbs of the city has been hindered by the limited capacity of the three existing bridges over the Sava: the Brankov most, Savski most, and Gazela. In order to expand the capacity of the transport network, a fourth bridge is currently being built over the Sava.

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Three bridge project

The Dutch in Nijmegen reveal just how sustainable and pioneering flood protection can be with an impressive project. Just across the border from Germany in the Lower Rhine, Europe's largest flood protection project is under construction. It is called "Ruimte voor de Waal" – literally "more room for the Waal" – and is intended to create more space for the biggest river in the Netherlands, the Waal.

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The Allplan solution portfolio for bridge construction

Allplan Bridge is the professional BIM solution for bridge construction. Engineers work with a single solution from parametric model creation with a high level of detail including prestressing to integration of the construction process and structural analysis of the bridge model.

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Allplan is the ultimate BIM solution to meet the challenges of the construction industry and benefit from the digital transformation. BIM software and ALLPLAN's industry-leading collaboration and integration tools form the ideal combination.

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Allplan Bimplus is the ultimate open BIM platform for all disciplines to collaborate efficiently in building projects. BIM model data, information, documents and tasks are managed centrally over the complete building life cycle.

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