From buildings to stadiums, precise precast design, manufacture, and reliable project delivery requires Allplan. Explore our client references to see how Allplan makes it possible to deliver great precast projects and increase efficiencies in design to build workflows.

Prefabrication Case Studies


Allianz Stadium, Austria

The Allianz Stadium in Vienna is a showcase for the possibilities of modern precast construction. Learn how prefab enabled the short construction time of only 7 months for the building shell.

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Talards, France

The "Talards" residential complex in St. Malo, France, is a vivid example of how matrices can be used to creatively design facades. See how Société de Préfabrication de Landaul (SPL) relied on Allplan.

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Aglaya garden high-rise, Switzerland

An impressive office and residential building within the Suurstoffi site is the 70-meter-high "Aglaya Garden Tower". The large plant troughs made of prefabricated concrete elements, which also form the facade, are decisive for the naming.

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Green Lutynia, Poland

Designed in just 4 months, “Green Lutynia” is a landmark project for innovative and modern precast construction. The eight multi-family buildings in Poland offers both a high quality and efficient build, showcasing the huge potential of the precast market.

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Rütihof, Switzerland

The Rütihof project is a perfect example of the implementation of the openBIM concept. All precast elements of the Rütihof industrial park in Switzerland were detailed, designed and produced by BFU in only 9 months.

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Curved Noise Barrier, Austria

Along the Austrian section of the Tauern Highway, a unique project was created to protect local residents from ever-increasing traffic noise. Instead of an enclosure, the decision was made to use the Great Arch, a curved noise barrier - prefabricated.

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Van Edremit School, Türkiye

The Van Edremit School offers art-loving young people plenty of space for their passion: 5,000 m² built earthquake-proof with prefabricated elements. In just 15 days, ETE was able to complete the design of the 600 double walls, 300 element slabs and 60 precast columns.


The „Identity“ building complex, France

The „Identity“ building complex in Rennes, France, is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. Blanchard Marsault Pondevie designed „Identity“ as a crystal geode formed by three interconnected rock sections. The inclined walls are made of precast elements.


The Karpatium Rezidence housing area, Slovakia

For the Karpatium Rezidence housing complex in Bratislava, the contractor relied entirely on precast elements and used prefabricated balconies, stairs, element slabs and double walls. Designing the precast elements with Allplan Precast resulted in significant time savings.