09 Jun 2022

ALLPLAN promotes OPEN BIM Workflows for Buildings, Infrastructure, and Fabrication

Allplan 2022 has been officially certified for the IFC 4 Reference View Export by buildingSMART. Copyright: ALLPLAN

Smooth data exchange top priority for ALLPLAN through IFC certification and support for latest standards

Munich, June 9, 2022 – ALLPLAN, provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, supports transparent BIM workflows through standardized, open data formats, enabling project partners to participate within construction projects regardless of the software they use. This is achieved through IFC, the open standard format for exchanging construction and model data. Recent examples that facilitate OPEN BIM include the certification of Allplan 2022 for Export IFC4 Reference View Architectural, for IFC 4.3 for civil structures as well as the new IFC4Precast standard in ALLPLAN's solution for precast detailing Planbar.


IFC 4 Reference View Export Certification

To further reinforce reliable collaboration and participation in building projects, Allplan 2022 has been officially certified for Export IFC4 Reference View Architectural by buildingSMART. buildingSMART is the worldwide industry body driving the digital transformation of the built asset industry through creation and adoption of open, international data exchange standards for buildings and infrastructure. ALLPLAN recently participated in shaping a new IFC4Precast standard for the fabrication of precast components and since October last year Allplan 2022 also supports the new IFC4.3 standard for infrastructure.

“We are delighted to enable interoperability for productive and efficient design to build workflows for the buildings sector through buildingSMART’s IFC standards and recent certification for the Export IFC4 Reference View Architectural”, said Thomas Müller, Product Manager Interoperability. “We are also delighted to be one of the first software vendors to also support IFC 4.3 for civil structures and to participate in shaping the new IFC4Precast standard, displaying our commitment additionally to both infrastructure and fabrication sectors.”


High quality Workflows for Buildings

The certification by buildingSMART confirms that that Allplan 2022 meets all requirements when exporting building models in the IFC4 Reference View. Using the IFC4 Architectural Reference Exchange facilitates high quality coordination workflows within the architectural design discipline to enable for example, buildup of multidisciplinary models or clash detection. Thus, reliable collaboration workflows for customers and their project partners is provided within OPEN BIM projects between all certified systems.


Optimized Workflows for Infrastructure

Allplan 2022 together with Allplan Bridge also supports the new IFC 4.3 standard. This schema has been extended specifically for civil structures. In the domain of bridges, this allows the bridge structure to be more easily broken down and used with enhanced object types to represent respective bridge elements. Further, it includes descriptions for object type, geometry, and materials. All this improves the quality of the IFC model and results in smoother BIM coordination and collaboration in bridge projects between all involved parties.


Reliable Collaboration for Fabrication

At the end of 2021, buildingSMART officially recognized the Model View Definition (MVD) IFC4precast as the “final standard”. Experts from Competence Center Allplan Precast had actively participated in the development of the new standard. This notable milestone means that a manufacturer-independent data exchange from CAD to MES systems is now available to the precast industry. Planbar – ALLPLAN’s design and detailing solution for precast concrete – allows export of all precast elements, including all attributes as well as fixtures, reinforcement, and formwork with the new IFC interface. The object structure of the precast elements corresponds to the IFC4precast standard.

To learn more about how ALLPLAN promotes interoperability for more productive and efficient design to build workflows see: Interoperability with Allplan

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