12 Jan 2023

SDS2 by ALLPLAN Opens Three Authorized Training Centers in India

SDS2 by ALLPLAN Opens Three Authorized Training Centers in India, Copyright: SDS2

Lincoln, January 12 - SDS2 by ALLPLAN, a product of ALLPLAN and one of the world’s leading 3D steel detailing software solutions, has announced the opening of three authorized training centers for steel detailers in India in the cities of Pune, Nashik and Hyderabad.

“India has a strong and growing presence of steel detailers that serve markets around the world”, says Michelle McCarthy, regional manager of ALLPLAN Americas and president of SDS2 by ALLPLAN. “By establishing authorized training centers around the country, SDS2 by ALLPLAN will play a key role in developing skilled professionals, driving market value, and advancing the steel construction industry.”

Gyasuddin Siddiqui, who was hired as the official representative of SDS2 by ALLPLAN in India in late 2021, says the training centers will help companies overcome the difficulty of hiring and training employees adept in using SDS2 by ALLPLAN software. Curricula at the training centers will cover both beginner and intermediate/advanced use of SDS2 by ALLPLAN, and each location will cater to a variety of programs, companies, and individuals.

“Some institutions may begin training at the academic level, some companies hire individuals that they cannot train themselves, and some may be self-driven — for example, if an individual wants to learn a software and grow their job prospects”, Siddiqui says.

Professional support on site

Each training center is operated by third-party institutions with extensive experience in steel detailing software. The Hyderabad training center is operated by Ovation Services; Nashik by the Detailer Training Centre Services LLC; and Pune by Uniotech Services.

“Ovation Services is proud to partner with SDS2 by ALLPLAN to continue growing the SDS2 knowledge and user base in India”, says Anand Yadama at Ovation Services. “We are excited to be part of the team to build and train detailers to enter into the market to help both the detailers and employers in the Hyderabad area.”

Shekhar Sathe, who runs the training center in Nashik, says “In my career, I have found that SDS2 is the only software that has in-built connection design capability, multi-user access where the complete team can work together on the same project at the same time, and automated piece marks. That, and even more importantly, the support provided by SDS2 on runtime projects make it the best detailing platform. From here onwards, we at Detailer Training Centre Services will be a detailing resource partner for companies in Nashik and provide valuable resources to companies in training new employees in SDS2.”

“Many clients have started using SDS2 on their prestigious projects, but few professionals in our region are trained in the software. Having an authorized training center will help give us and other companies in the area the resources to execute SDS2 projects”, says Shivaji Patil of Uniotech Services in Pune.

Plans for additional training centers are already underway in Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Thane and Chennai as ALLPLAN continues to feed the demand for steel professionals in the country.

To learn more about these authorized training centers, visit: sds2.com/in/training-centers

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