Open the Hello Allplan! 2022 project included in the installation and join us all the way from the creation of the model to the output of reinforcement drawings. The Hello Allplan! 2022 videos are tailored to the project and take you through the many possibilities of the model-based planning method.

What you need to follow the Hello Allplan 2022! films on your computer:


1. BIM software: or the implementation you need Allplan 2022, e.g. as a TEST VERSION (system requirements)

2. Adobe Reader: to view PDF files you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

3. Project data: The project data is included in the installation. If you have deselected the installation of the project, you will find the project backup here with brief instructions on how to import it quickly and easily into Allplan. Hello-Allplan-2022-project-data


Hello Allplan! 2022 Lessons

Look and Feel

In this video you will get a short introduction to the welcome dialog, the Allplan interface, the action bar and where you can find everything you need to get started with Allplan. 

> Welcome Screen
> Actionbar 
> Palettes 
> Allplan Titlebar

Working with projects

In this video, you will learn to how to create backups of projects, copy projects, delete projects, and import projects.

> Creating project backup
> Copying a project
> Deleting a project
> Importing a project

Importing PDF

In this video, you will learn how to import and export PDF files.

> Welcome Screen
> Exporting a PDF
> Importing a PDF

Ground Floor

In this video we will demonstrate modeling basic architectural components.

> Exterior walls
> Interior walls
> Openings
> Stairs
> Rooms
> Stories
> Ground Floor slab
> Upper Floor slab
> Upper Floor

Roof Level

In this video we will create the attic walls, the roof cladding, and skylights for our roof.

> Roof level walls
> Roof surface
> Roof cladding
> Roof windows

Views and Sections

In this video you will learn how to create views and sections from your three dimensional models.

> Views
> Sections
> Derived from building structure
> Animation windows
> Isometric sections

Drawing preparation

In this video we will learn how to produce drawing sheets.

> Prepare drawing content
> Layout editor


In this video you will learn how to evaluate the contents of the project with the help of the reports.

> Create reports

3D Reinforcement

In this video we will show to reinforce a simple component.

> Create strip foundation
> Create sections
> Place reinforcement
> Labelling reinforcement

Complex reinforcement

Reinforcing complex geometry is quick and easy in Allplan.

> Reinforcing a sline-shaped beam
> Reinforcing a column with varying cross section

Wall reinforcement part 1

In this video we will learn how to reinforce walls with both automated tools and basic commands.

> Reinforcement with PythonParts
> Reinforcement with basic commands

Wall reinforcement part 2

In this video we will finish reinforcing the wall using basic commands.

> Reinforcement with basic commands

Wall reinforcement part 3

In this video we will learn how to annotate and document reinforcement.

> Annotating

Reinforcement drawing

In this video we will learn how to place content on drawing sheets, or layouts.

> Layout editor
> Set up page
> Add content to drawing
> Reports layout
> Export layout

Visual Scripting

In this video we will introduce Visual Scripting in Allplan. Visual Scripting allows us to build time-saving tools called Python Parts. We will build one that creates a parametric sweep from a cross section.

> Parametric Sweep


This video is an introduction to Bimplus, Allplan's project and information management solution.

> Building structure
> Bimplus account
> Login
> Upload data to Bimplus
> Bimplus portal
> Bim explorer

Hello Planbar!

In this video we show you the benefits of working with Planbar - ALLPLAN’s unique BIM solution specifically for precast projects.

Planbar takes your precast design and detailing processes to a new level of efficiency and precision. Design walls, slabs, and structural precast elements such as stairs faster and more accurately than ever before.

> Planbar

Parametric Road design with Allplan

In this video you will learn a lot of interesting information about our Allplan Road module.

> Terrain
> Road
> Road installation utilities
> Data output
> Data export

Allplan Bridge Modelling

In this video we show you how to create a bridge model with tendons and then transfer it to Allplan.

> Setting up a project
> Axis
> Cross section
> Structural member
> Variables and variations definition
> Materials
> Tendon
> Construction
> Exchange


Allplan Bridge Analysis

In this video you will get an overview of the possibilities offered by the analysis functions of Allplan Bridge

> Analytical model & structural connection
> Construction sequence for analytical model
> Reinforcement property sets definition
> Earthquake
> Traffic load definition and superposition
> Superposition of other loads
> Design check and result
> Exporting


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