3:30pm - 3:50pm 
Benefits of BIM Models

Are you interested in learning how engineers make the best out of their model data in practice? Patrick Meili, Managing Director of modellierung.ch and BIM Consultant at ALLPLAN Schweiz AG, uses practical case study examples showing how to use BIM models to generate multiple benefits, such as working with models on the construction site and model-based cost calculation with Allplan and Bimplus. Examples include:

  • Structural engineering - New factory building
  • Civil engineering - Bus stop renovation
  • Special civil engineering – Complex excavation pit
  • General - model-based cost calculation with Allplan and Bimplus


About the Speaker


Patrick Meili, BIM Consultant ALLPLAN Schweiz AG and Managing Director modellierung.ch

Patrick Meili is a civil engineer FH and will complete the MAS Digital Construction this year with his master's thesis. After 14 years of working in a civil engineering office in Zurich, he has been working as a BIM consultant at ALLPLAN Schweiz AG for five years. The focus of his work is the handling of BIM models and the benefits thereof. For two years, he has been supporting civil engineers and master builders in the creation and preparation of BIM models on a part-time basis as managing director of modellierung.ch.