Precast concrete walls

Precast Buildings & Parking Garages

Allplan is an ideal software solution for designing & detailing precast concrete structures, like buildings & parking garages. Watch our recorded webinars to learn about how BIM can bring big benefits to precast construction.

Precast Buildings & Parking Garages Webinars

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Organizing the Chaos: How an Integrated 3D Model-Based Production Solution Can Revolutionize Your Business

Organizing the Chaos monitor

Savvy precasters are utilizing 3D models or PDF layouts from Architects and Engineers to quickly generate estimates for bids and streamline engineering and detailing by automatically producing deliverables such as quantities, piece marking, shop tickets, and erection drawings. In this webinar, we will explain how building information data from your 3D model can also streamline project management, production, shipping, and erection.

Planbar can help you: 

  • Integrate with your business-critical systems: ERP, Production, Inventory
  • Create and manage your production schedule, shipping schedule, trailer loadout, and erection schedules
  • Streamline project management with integrated status tracking from estimating to erection

Leveraging the “I” in BIM to Streamline Precast Production, Inventory Control, and Shipping

Leveraging the I in BIM

In this webinar, we will describe how information stored in any 3D BIM model can be used to:

  • Visualize precast pieces and associate them with shop tickets
  • Manage and optimize production based on existing physical plant and workforce
  • Streamline and improve pre- and post-casting quality checks
  • Track and manage inventory using GPS- and QR-capable mobile application
  • Manage element loading, erection, and site operations using a mobile application 

Improve Speed and Accuracy on Your Small Precast Building Projects with Allplan

In this webinar, you'll see how you can increase speed and accuracy of your small precast building projects with automated tools like one-click reinforcement, automatic shop drawings, intelligent templates, and more.

Digital Precast: Beginning-to-End Workflows

Digital Precast: Beginning-to-End Workflows

Model-based design is the new norm for building structures, and it has yielded big dividends for construction contractors and engineers alike. But BIM has not yet transformed precast fabrication in the same way. Why not?

  • High quality BIM-based detailing isn’t yet easy enough to be an everyday workflow
  • Downstream use of BIM data is limited and cumbersome

To realize the potential offered by digital precast workflows, engineers must be able to create high-quality models with ease, and fabricators must have operations management tools that can consume, use, and update the information those models contain.

In this webinar, we will speak with Paul Waldner, Conceptual Design Manager and Developer at Taracon Precast, to understand Paul’s vision for how Taracon will become an all-digital precaster.

Then we will take a deep-dive into BIM model development to better understand how engineers and drafters can efficiently create both model and shop tickets through an efficient, flexible “BIM+CAD” process.

Bringing BIM to Post-Tensioned Buildings

The process of modeling a PT building can be tedious and error prone. Engineers and drafters are faced with analysis coordination, complex reinforcing, clash detection and more. Accurate modeling in the design stage can save the overall project time and money. 

Join our webinar to learn how 3D modeling of tendons and reinforcing can help on your next project.

BIM for Precast Buildings and Parking Structures

BIM for Precast Buildings and Parking Structures

In this webinar we’ll discuss the complex issues facing model creation for a typical precast concrete building and precast parking structure in a BIM environment. 

We will look at how you can transform your projects from plans to simple models to a fully detailed and information rich project. Learn how to reduce the tedious aspects of modeling and automate many of the processes; including elementation of walls and slabs, placing reinforcing and generating shop drawings. 

A Better Way to Design and Reinforce Precast/Prestressed Slabs

In this webinar, we introduce using 3D modeling for precast hollowcore slabs and demonstrate how easy it is to create and panelize precast slabs, such as prestressed hollowcore, out of imported structural slabs. 

A Better Way to Design and Reinforce Precast Wall Panels

In this webinar, we introduce the concepts of using 3D modeling for precast wall elements.

We will demonstrate how to easily create precast walls panels and automatically panelize and reinforce them at the same time.

After this webinar, you will understand:

  • Reinforcing of typical wall panels and special instances
  • Creating and placing connections
  • Drawings, scheduling and reporting