Precast Buried Structures Webinars

Allplan is an ideal software solution for precast companies specializing in buried structures, like precast catch basins, box culverts, manholes, & more. Watch our recorded webinars to learn about how BIM can bring huge benefits to precast concrete production.

Precast Buried Structures Webinars

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Uncover the Benefits of BIM for Buried Structures

Speaker: Frank Holz, Senior Technical Consultant, Allplan, Inc.
Organizer: Allplan, Inc.

In this webinar we’ll show how quick and easy is to model and reinforce buried structures.

After this webinar you will understand:

  • Modeling and reinforcement box culverts, concrete pipe and underground vaults
  • Leveraging 3D models to automatically generate drawings, schedules and reports
  • Linking analysis and design to reduce time and errors

A Smarter Way to Create a BIM Model for Structural Precast Elements

Speaker: Brandon Botts, Senior Technical Consultant, Allplan, Inc.
Organizer: Allplan, Inc.

This webinar looks at an advanced, digital approach to modeling, detailing and output for structural precast elements.

We will demonstrate how to automate reinforcement of slabs and wall panels, generate shop drawings of formwork, and connect your 3D model to automation systems like laser placement systems, bar bending machines and more