Reinforcement Webinars

Allplan is a powerful BIM software that can be used to streamline the process of detailing concrete with steel reinforcement. Check out the recorded webinars to learn about advanced design of reinforced concrete structures & other topics.

Reinforcement Webinars

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Introducing PIM: Precast Information Modeling

When you hear BIM, certain words probably come to mind such as properties, design, and change management. But what about reinforcing, automation, or precast?

We need to shift our thinking of information modeling, broaden our scope, and understand how it pertains to precast. Learn how precasters can incorporate automation, leverage technology, and let the software do the tedious work for us.

A Better Way to Design and Reinforce Precast/Prestressed Slabs

In this webinar, we introduce using 3D modeling for precast hollowcore slabs and demonstrate how easy it is to create and panelize precast slabs, such as prestressed hollowcore, out of imported structural slabs. 

After this webinar you will understand:

  • How to easily turn imported architectural and structural slabs into any precast elementized slab and create your own design
  • Creating and placing connections
  • Automatic shop drawings based off specified templates and rules

Bringing BIM to the Rebar Detailing and Estimating Industry

In this webinar we will demonstrate how rebar detailers and estimators can benefit from a 3D BIM model, without having to change their current workflow

A Better Way to Design and Reinforce Precast Wall Panels

In this webinar, we introduce the concepts of using 3D modeling for precast wall elements.

We will demonstrate how to easily create precast walls panels and automatically panelize and reinforce them at the same time.

After this webinar, you will understand:

  • Reinforcing of typical wall panels and special instances
  • Creating and placing connections
  • Drawings, scheduling and reporting

Bringing BIM to Post-Tensioned Buildings

Join our webinar to learn how 3D modeling of tendons and reinforcing can help on your next project.
The process of modeling a PT building can be tedious and error prone. Engineers and drafters are faced with analysis coordination, complex reinforcing, clash detection and more. Accurate modeling in the design stage can save the overall project time and money.