Hotfix Allplan 2020-0-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.


In certain cases, Allplan did not start after you had installed an upgrade and copied the data. We solved this problem.

Data conversion

A project, which was created in Allplan 2019, contains views and sections. After having imported the project to Allplan 2020, you can change the “update automatically” option correctly for the views and sections.

A project, which was created in Allplan 2017, contains general 3D objects. Allplan 2020 converts and processes the project data without problem.

Basic features

You can use the clipboard to copy several drawing files with reinforcement, views, and sections to another drawing file.

Drawing files

When you create a new fileset and match the structure from an existing fileset, Allplan no longer adds spaces to the drawing file names until it reaches the maximum number of characters.

Building structure

When you create reports in the “derived from building structure” area, Allplan uses all settings that you make for “Select report and settings” (on the shortcut menu).

Layout editor

It could take long to open layouts with layout elements containing views and sections; the “fill graphics memory” message appeared. Now these layouts open faster.

Allplan no longer prints reinforcement in construction-line color in layouts when the “construction line” option is turned off in “Show/Hide”. Labels remain unchanged.

Labels in views and sections do not move within layout windows in layouts.

Entering lengths

We enhanced the way Allplan displays architectural attributes whose values you enter in feet and inches.

User interface

Objects palette

The transparency setting also applies to general 3D objects and general 3D surfaces.

After you have changed the transparency setting in the Objects palette, Allplan updates everything correctly in the drawing file and in animation, regardless of the sorting criterion selected in the Objects palette.

You can select an architectural object in the Objects palette even if this object is already defined as a transparent object.

Keyboard shortcuts

You cannot define keyboard shortcuts for switching modules.

You can define a keyboard shortcut for the “layout editor” by using both “Default Settings” - “Shortcuts” and “Customize User Interface”; functionality is the same.

The “more tools without icons” group no longer includes icons.

User-defined objects, libraries

Smart symbols

When you replace all instances of a smart symbol by using “Replace Smart Symbol, SmartPart”, Allplan positions the replaced smart symbols correctly.


The “stair builder” PythonPart is no longer available; everything you need is included in the “geometry of straight stair” PythonPart.


Allplan Share

A user modifies and closes a drawing file while this drawing file is open in reference mode on the computers of other users. Now Allplan loads the modified drawing file before updating the data required by associative views and sections.

You want to copy a layout and insert it under a different node. If the layout is not in the local cache, Allplan automatically downloads the layout before copying it.

You can use privilege sets for layers after new project editors have been added.

Workgroup, Allplan Share

A user modifies and closes a drawing file while this drawing file is open in reference mode on the computers of other users. Now Allplan locks this drawing file, loading the modified drawing file before updating the data required by associative views and sections.


After you had changed the central file storage folder (for example, after replacing the server), Allplan could no longer locate XRefs, and it took long to load the data. We solved this problem.


Dimension line

When drawing an associative dimension line, you can use “match parameters from dimension line” (pipette) in the “Dimension Line” dialog box to match the parameters from an nonassociative dimension line; the “associative” setting remains unchanged.

When you select Esc to cancel dimensioning, the “associative” setting remains unchanged so that you can create more associative dimension lines.

When you “Intersect 2 Entities” of which one element is dimensioned associatively, Allplan updates the associative dimension line correctly.

Allplan creates associative elevation dimensioning correctly when the “symbol at reference point” option is selected.

When you turn off the component height or sill height while creating an associative dimension line for an opening, you can turn on the component height or sill height in the Properties palette again.

You create a window opening whose height is defined by an offset to an offset plane. When you dimension this window opening associatively in a section, the sill height is correct.

When you dimension a roof surface associatively, the ToolTip offers defined points only.



Allplan imports plane models more quickly.

Allplan applies changes in a plane model more quickly even if other plane models exist.

When you change the reference plane from which an opening with a SmartPart takes its height, Allplan immediately updates both the opening and the SmartPart in the animation viewport.

You can use reference surfaces in the plane model to define the heights of corner windows.

You can use reference surfaces to define the bottom levels or top levels of certain opening shapes with fixed heights.

Allplan links the top levels and bottom levels of vertical surfaces, baseboards, and stories correctly with offset planes.


When you “Assign Attributes to Elements”, Allplan ignores the components that are invisible in the Objects palette.

When you enter a new value for an attribute, Allplan adds this value to the selection list even when you assign this value in the Properties palette.

You can use “Change Archit. Properties” to change 3D objects with architectural attributes.


The “Trades” - “Concreting work” reports correctly analyze floor slabs that take their heights from a local reference surface and that contain openings.


Allplan saves certain reports in XCAC format without problem.

Structural framing

Axis grid

Gridlines might look different when you open a project, which was created in an earlier release of Allplan 2019. Allplan now provides input options so that you can correct the representation.

Structural framing objects

When you use “Stretch Entities” to edit structural framing beams that take their heights from a roof surface, Allplan updates and displays the structural framing beams correctly.

You can enter structural framing beams by using “midpoint” on the shortcut menu.

Views and sections

Sections correctly display rotated components with hatching when you select the “hatching in component direction” option.

We enhanced the bar-based placement of bars within a placement that is in a different drawing file.

When you use “Modify Offset” to modify the section object in a section, Allplan applies the changes correctly.


Bar reinforcement

When you reinforce without a 3D model, reports correctly analyze bars placed per meter, ignoring placements with the “ignore number off” setting.

Legends correctly analyze and list bars placed per meter with a length factor.

Legends like "reinf. schedule, bending shapes” correctly analyze and update changes in 2D bars placed per meter.

You can edit a bar placement in a view or section more quickly by using “Stretch Entities”.

We enhanced the bar-based placement within bars with hooks.

When you create a "stirrup with starter bar for slab" with the "Bar Shape" tool and turn off the "expand to adapt edges” option, Allplan correctly takes the value for "concrete cover 4" into account when calculating the hook length.

When you define a "stirrup, open at top" with the "Bar Shape" tool, Allplan takes the value for "concrete cover 4" into account.

Components with reinforcement remain unchanged when you save the data multiple times as a custom NDW, by using the clipboard, and as a drawing file with resources.

The full schema remains unchanged when you modify the spacing of a placement by means of direct object modification.

When you select several full schemas and change the bending radius and the parameter for length calculation, the diameters of the bars remain unchanged in the full schemas and the legend.

You can insert a symbol that contains a partial schema in the drawing file without seeing a message.

The look of a symbol that contains 2D design and 2D reinforcement remains unchanged (for example, placement, 2D lines).

When you modify placements, Allplan no longer updates all partial schemas. Partial schemas that are not affected by the modification remain unchanged.

Mesh reinforcement

The “Copy and Mirror” tool selects meshes correctly when you select these meshes as an entity group by selecting and holding the Shift key while clicking.

When you use “Modify Offset” to change a mesh that you placed multiple times by using “Place Individually”, Allplan updates the mesh type and mark number automatically. When you “Move” all meshes, the individual meshes do not change.


The “Wall - element list” legend analyzes the concrete grade of multilayer precast elements.

You can save detailed elements of precast elements with an element plan as symbols.

“Undoing” a symbol immediately after placing it no longer affects label styles in the drawing file and the associated element plans.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.


Plant objects, path areas

When you place plants in an area by using the “Planning and Planting” tool, you can define and place several rows of plants in one step again.

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

The scale 1/2” is available again in country packages where you can display the scale as a fraction.


ASA bending shapes are available.

Allplan labels reinforcing bar marks correctly.