Hotfix Allplan 2020-1-11

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.


This hotfix updates WIBU licensing.

Note: Workgroup online will no longer be available in Allplan 2021 and later. Instead, you can purchase and use Allplan Share, which has been available since Allplan 2018.

Basic features

In certain cases, mirroring elements produced inconsistent data. We solved this problem.


The contents of the drawing file do not move when you move drawing files in the building structure and the “Optimize working with large coordinates” option is selected in the “Options” on the “Desktop environment” page.


Scalypso plug-in

This hotfix updates the Scalypso plug-in to version 2020.

Allplan Share

The check on the Allplan Shared license works properly when you open Allplan Share projects.

The layouts of an Allplan Share project are visible in AttributeManager without you having to open the layout structure beforehand by using “Open on a project-specific basis: layouts”.

Layout attributes that were changed by means of Allplan AttributeManager are still available in Allplan Share projects and visible in the layout legends when you restart Allplan.

You can save user-defined layout attributes in AttributeManager in an Allplan Share project.

You can use “Delete entire layout structure” to completely delete a layout structure from an Allplan Share project.



You can place a PythonPart in a drawing file again after you have undone the creation of the PythonPart in another drawing file.


In copied projects or drawing files, layers of finish specifications might not be correctly listed in the “Room” dialog box. In this case, close the “Room” dialog box by clicking “Cancel”. We recommend that you select all drawing files with rooms and apply the “Update Labels” tool to all rooms. This tool includes a repair mechanism.

Views and sections

You can delete the clipping path after you have changed the extents by means of the handles.

The “Move Linked” tool works properly when you select this tool on the shortcut menu of the view border.

You can move views and sections by means of “Move Linked” and “Move” without problems.


Bar reinforcement

Allplan Quality Manager checks the reinforcement data more accurately.

You can create single placements of bars placed in polygon in 2D reinforcement mode in drawing files with 3D reinforcement.

You can extrude reinforcing bars along a 3D spline without problems.

By using the “Stretch Entities” tool, you can modify several placements created by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool.

You can use the “Modify Placement” tool to correctly change the spacing of a placement created by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool.

In certain cases, the “Sweep Bars Along Path” tool created incorrect polygonal placements. We solved this problem.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool correctly matches existing bar shapes.

When you modified placements by means of “Stretch Entities”, Allplan deleted the placements in certain cases due to a dimension-line error. We solved this problem.

You can show selected bars in polygonal placements.

You can undo a bar placement for which the “Align” option is not selected.

You can rearrange the marks after you have copied and changed the placing parameters of a placement along a path.

After you have hidden the reinforcement, Allplan no longer selects the hidden placements when you double-click the right mouse button to select the elements that you want to move.

When you change the “Component factor” and then a placing parameter for a single placement, Allplan no longer uses the changed component factor for creating other single placements.

You can correctly edit 2D elements to which reinforcement was added in views and sections. In addition, the placement display mode of the reinforcement remains unchanged.

You can modify reinforcement in views and sections by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool without problems.

In certain cases, the “Move Linked” tool did not correctly move the representation of reinforcement when you moved views and sections by means of this tool. We solved this problem.

You can undo the deletion of elements in views and sections without problems.

You can create area reinforcement in views and sections without problems.

Allplan no longer changes the setting for considering the number of pieces when you copy 2D area reinforcement.

In the case of 2D placements, you can switch between “Ignore number of pieces” and “Add number of pieces” multiple times without problems.


Lattice girders

You can apply the “New Mark Number” tool to standard lattice girders, secondary girders, and shear girders.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.