Hotfix Allplan 2020-1-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Note: Workgroup online will no longer be available in Allplan 2021 and later. Instead, you can purchase Allplan Share, which has been available since Allplan 2018.

Basic features

Certain Intel HD graphics cards or obsolete graphics card drivers caused problems when you closed the “Wall” or “Column” dialog box. We solved this problem.



PythonParts are easier to program and use.


Allplan Share

Depending on CPU power, connections to cloud services were optimized.

You can switch to the “Layout Editor” in an Allplan Share project without seeing a message, even if an empty drawing file is selected in the “Open on a project-specific basis” dialog box.

Allplan Share, Workgroup

You can assign or change project attributes in the “Project Settings” dialog box when you create or edit Allplan Share projects on a Workgroup workstation that is checked out. In earlier versions, this was only possible by means of the “Layout and Project Attributes” tool in the “Layout Editor”.


Bimplus export correctly processes multilayer room finish specifications. Revision comparison no longer lists them as deleted.

AutoCAD interface

Precast element labels created by means of “Label Style” will be exported to AutoCAD.

When you transform Gauss-Krüger coordinates to UTM coordinates while importing DWG data, the transformation considers additional element groups (blocks).

Bimplus interface

When you import reference models from Bimplus to Allplan, reinforcement will be created as real reinforcement if it fulfills certain geometric requirements in Bimplus.

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC import of certain walls with openings from Archicad.

We enhanced transfer of rooms with their components:

  • IFC export transfers the components in a room (IfcSpace), even if the room is invisible or excluded from transfer due to a filter.
  • When the “Import all components as user-defined archit. elements” option is selected for IFC import, a filter excludes rooms from being imported by default.

IFC export of openings with facings also transfers the materials of facings.

We enhanced IFC export of smart symbols in niches and recesses.


Dimension line

When you “Copy” or “Rotate” components with associative dimension lines, Allplan no longer removes dimensioned points from the dimension lines.


You can work faster with the text editor.

The “Enter Text” dialog box uses the Windows color scheme and icon design by default.


(Object) attributes that are defined in a Bimplus property set and used in a property set template in an Allplan project no longer get the addition “(Bimplus)”.

When changing user-defined attributes by means of “Modify Attributes”, you can change the values by means of “Assign new attribute” - “Modify attribute” - “Proposed value” without changing or deleting the other user-defined attributes.

Views and sections

When you move the clipping path to another drawing file by means of the “Objects” palette, the corresponding section will be updated correctly.

When you save views and sections together with the model data as a symbol and then place the symbol in a new drawing file so that the symbol is congruent, the views and sections are no longer offset.

The process of placing symbols is based on the functionality of “Move Linked”. Consequently, the position of the views and sections and their model data relative to each other does not change.


Bar reinforcement

You can copy views and sections with reinforcement across documents without problems.

You can use the clipboard to copy model data and views and sections with reinforcement to a new drawing file without problems.

The process of copying polygonal reinforcement could cause errors in calculations of the total lengths in user-defined legends. We solved this problem.

When you delete individual bars from a polygonal placement and then undo this process, Allplan no longer deletes the whole placement when you delete individual bars again.

You can change the group number of bending shapes created in views and sections. Consequently, you can link bending shapes that are geometrically identical when you use the “Sweep Bars Along Path” tool.

Reports and nonassociative legends correctly analyze bars placed per meter that you created by using “Convert, Match Elements”.

We enhanced bar-based placement in closed stirrups with 135-degree hooks.

When you change a placing parameter in the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool, Allplan no longer cancels the selection of some elements of the path that you selected as an entity group.

You can modify bars in a placement without problems after you have selected some bars by using the brackets.

We enhanced the “Stretch Entities” tool for modifying placements.

When you change the lengths of individual bars by means of “Stretch Entities”, the placement display mode does not change in other placements of the same mark number.

You can use a filter to delete certain reinforcing bar marks without problems.

When you place longitudinal bars in a round column by means of “Special Placements” - “Place in rotation”, the bars placed do not disappear after you have placed the label.

When you use the “Convert Elements” tool with various options to convert components, 3D solids, or user-defined architectural elements with reinforcement, Allplan no longer removes the reinforcement.

When you use the same line color for both the mark number and border, Allplan no longer changes the color and pen thickness of the border as soon as you select the “End with mark number” option.

Mesh reinforcement

When you move, copy, or rotate 2D meshes, the mark label appears correctly within the diagonal.

All meshes stay where they are when you rearrange the marks after you have modified an inclined mesh placement by means of “Cut Mesh”.

Reinforcement views

After you have deleted a placement, a new placement appears correctly in the views and sections.

When you copy a bending shape in an existing placement and then change the spatial position of this bending shape, Allplan correctly creates a new placement of this bending shape.


When you create additional placements of reinforcing bars with couplers, the new placements automatically get the same couplers.

Key plan

You can use the “Properties” palette again to modify mark names.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

You can open the “Visual Scripting” e-learning guide directly from the Visual Scripting window by selecting “Help”.

Allplan International


Allplan is now available in Serbian. To install the Serbian version, update Allplan with the full installation package. Select the “Custom” setup type and the language “Serbian”.