Release Notes


  • We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.
  • Allplan runs faster due to various means.
  • Allplan correctly saves links in projects with long installation paths.
  • Note: Workgroup online will no longer be available in Allplan 2021 and later. Instead, you can purchase Allplan Share, which has been available since Allplan 2018.

User interface

Properties palette

  • The “Match parameters” tool (pipette) in the lower-left corner of the Properties palette matches all selected parameters of other objects again.
  • The Properties palette is faster to include new attribute values.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Default keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+> and Ctrl+^ are no longer lost when you define your own keyboard shortcuts by means of “Default Settings” - Shortcuts” - “Keyboard Shortcuts”.
  • Tables of keyboard shortcuts created in any version of Allplan 2020 can be imported to the current version.


Allplan Share

  • Automatic synchronization of Allplan Share projects with the Bimplus model works correctly.
  • Correct patterns appear in all Allplan Share projects.
  • You can select nodes and drawing files more quickly in the “Building structure” tab of the “Open on a project-specific basis” dialog box of an Allplan Share project.
  • You can use the “Allplan Performance Diagnostics” support tool with Allplan Share again.

IFC interface

  • IFC export of reinforcement transfers the number of bars in a placement as BaseQuantities.

CAD-TAI interface

  • Material selection and analyses in Allplan projects use the selected Nevaris element master as the research project again.


Basic features

User interface

  • When you use “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” to copy or move a component to a drawing file with a different reference scale, the reference scale of the destination drawing file does not change. Allplan no longer adopts the reference scale from the source drawing file.

User-defined objects

  • When you use “Replace Smart Symbol, SmartPart” to replace an instance of a smart symbol in a drawing file, Allplan updates components linked with this instance in drawing files that are open in edit mode. Label styles analyzing the updated components no longer get lost.

Projects and drawing files

  • The “Export Loaded Drawing Files with Resources” tool correctly exports drawing files with reinforcement models. When importing the data, Allplan transfers everything correctly without displaying a message.

Layout editor

  • When you copy layouts in the layout structure, the layout names no longer get trailing spaces.
  • When you change reinforcement (for example, the bar diameter), Allplan correctly updates associative legends (for example, the bar schedule) in the layout even if the drawing file with the legend is not selected.
  • After you have corrected the data, Allplan no longer displays a message when you open layouts with elements whose component IDs are close to the maximum.


  • In the case of smart window sill symbols that take their materials from an external catalog, you can now see and select this catalog when you modify the materials by using the Properties palette.


Dimension line

  • We enhanced associative dimensioning of opening heights when you dimension openings with facings in a single-layer wall. Depending on the reference point, Allplan considers the facings.



  • You can label recess elements again.
  • When you use the Properties palette to change the layer of a downstand beam, upstand beam, strip foundation, or profile wall whose cross-section is a profile saved as a symbol, the profile no longer changes.
  • When you define the height of a roof covering relative to a reference plane, you can enter negative values again.

Thermal insulation

  • You can transfer envelope surfaces to the DÄMMWERK program of the KERN Ingenieurkonzepte company again.

Stair modeler

  • The steps of a winding stair are correct in plan view.



  • User-defined reports created in Allplan 2019 produce the same results in Allplan 2020.

User-defined objects

Label style

  • Allplan correctly displays user-defined label styles (with three decimal places; last character superscript) from earlier versions.

Views and sections

  • Patterns applied to inclined roof areas appear correctly in nonassociative sections and layouts.
  • You reduce the number of reinforcement elements that are visible in a section by making user-defined layer settings. You remove the layer of the remaining reinforcement. When you change the setting of the “Update automatically” option in another section, the reinforcement that is visible in the section you edited previously is still visible.
  • You create a partial schema for a stirrup that is placed in a view or section whose size has changed. When you display the stirrup as folded, the segment labels are correct.
  • You can create symbols of sections that include bending shapes that have not been placed yet.
  • You can use “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” to copy or move sections that include bending shapes that have not been placed yet.
  • You can use “Modify Placement” - “Place in Rotation” to modify bars placed in rotation even if the drawing file is open in edit mode.
  • If you have chosen to display fixtures as a wireframe model, they are visible in layouts again.
  • When you copy a section with reinforcement and delete this copy after you have placed it, the bending shapes in the original no longer get lost.


Bar reinforcement

  • When you copy spiral reinforcement, nonassociative legends output the correct length of the spiral reinforcement.
  • The “Convert, Match Elements” tool correctly converts segments of circles to bar shapes.
  • After you have created a full schema or partial schema of closed stirrups, you can unfold the stirrups again.
  • The “Number factor” is correct when you use “Modify Number Off Factors” to edit bars placed in 2D by means of “Place Bar Shape” - “Linear placement” with the “Add number” option being not selected.
  • Linear placements of closed stirrups work correctly again; Allplan no longer displays a message.

Allplan Bridge

  • We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in.

Allplan Planbar

  • You can convert a round column to a Planbar element even if this column has elliptical openings after you have resized it.

Reinforcement views

  • When creating reinforcement, Allplan no longer links drawing files which are not selected but linked with the model data.

Allplan International


  • We enhanced labels of straight bars.