Hotfix Allplan 2021-0-1

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.


This hotfix updates WIBU licensing.

Basic features


New projects provide the “Styles - project” folder.

Allplan consistently uses the country settings when you create a project without a template.

Drawing files, plane model

When you export drawing files with resources, the data contains the link with the plane model of the source project. Earlier versions could not link these drawing files with the plane model of the destination project during import. Consequently, the missing planes were marked with “?”. You can now decide during import whether you want to link the drawing files with the plane model of the destination project. When you select “Yes”, Allplan tries to assign as many heights as possible.

Layout editor

The “Update Layout” tool correctly updates associations.

When a drawing file is placed multiple times in a layout, you can make different settings for “Element visibility from layers in layout”. The layout correctly displays changes in document edit mode.

After having corrected the data, Allplan no longer displays a message when you open layouts with elements whose component IDs are close to the maximum.

User interface

Allplan correctly identifies OLE objects when you right-click them. Consequently, you can modify OLE objects by means of the shortcut menu.


Views and sections of architectural components are visible in wizards.

Objects palette

When you cancel the “Modify Attributes” tool for a component while two attributes are selected as the sorting criteria in the Objects palette, you can turn off one of these attributes without problems.

Properties palette

You can use the Properties palette to assign and add attributes to 3D solids and architectural objects without problems.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcut 'i’ to open the Issue Manager palette.

Allplan correctly imports a “shortcut.shc” file created in an earlier version of Allplan 2020. After you have saved the file, all keyboard shortcuts with the Alt key are available again.



Allplan correctly modifies associative dimension lines, even if you display and change them in a detailing window in the same drawing file.

After you have copied associative dimension lines to the clipboard, you can paste them multiple times.

The component and its associative dimensions are in different drawing files. You switch the drawing file with the dimensions to reference mode. Then, you edit, for example, move the component in the current drawing file. Allplan immediately updates the associative dimensions when you make one of the two drawing files current or open both in edit mode.

You can associatively dimension openings with rabbets.

When you modify an opening that is labeled with a label style, Allplan correctly updates and replaces the label style.



Allplan no longer displays a message when you copy and paste labels by using the clipboard.


You can create a new folder for batch reports in the objects derived from the building structure and then select this folder as the destination folder in the “Settings for batch reports” without problems.

User-defined objects, libraries

Label styles

Label styles can process the same formulas as in earlier versions, including formulas with Excel commands.


You can define a distance to the floor for the “Roll-up door” and “Sliding door” SmartParts (Default - Architecture - Garage doors - Sliding doors).


Allplan correctly assigns the “dimension string index” attribute to spiral reinforcement created as a PythonPart.

You can copy PythonParts with hidden reinforcement without problems.


Allplan Share

The “Locking Information Administration” tool correctly updates the information under “Workgroup server” for Share projects.

The “CAD-TAI project assignment” correctly displays the name of an existing Allplan Share project.

When two users work in the “Open on a project-specific basis: layouts” dialog box at the same time and one user renames a layout that is not loaded, the other user immediately sees the new name.

You can select the “Replace layout” tool on the shortcut menu of a layout in the “Open on a project-specific basis: layouts” dialog box in a zipped Allplan Share project without problems.

When you select a locked drawing file as the destination for “Copy, Move Elements between Documents”, you can cancel the message and continue working.


BIM Explorer starts only when its window is not yet open. Otherwise, Allplan brings the window to the foreground.

When you start Allplan without the welcome screen and a project that is already linked with Bimplus is loaded, the Issue Manager starts immediately after you have signed in to Bimplus.

Allplan Exchange

You can select the “dwg_V2018” and “dwg_V2018” file formats.


The “Restore basic settings” button restores the default settings for “Export Attributes”.

AutoCAD interface (DXF, DWG)

You can export views and sections with reinforcement without problems.

If a layout contains a bitmap that was resized with different values for the x-direction and y-direction, the section with the bitmap remains unchanged when you open the layout in AutoCAD.



You can “Undo” a wall without undoing a slab that you entered by using the “Multi” setting prior to the wall.

When you create a wall by entering the distance to a wall corner (for example, T-connection) by means of the track line, Allplan correctly applies the distance.

You can edit complex (floor) slabs with recesses and openings more quickly.

Animation correctly displays a slab in the following situation: You created this slab with an opening by means of the polyline entry tools and the “Minus” option and then applied an opening to this slab by means of the “Recess, Opening in Slab” tool.

A lintel, header, and roller blind housing are linked with the window opening and adapt to changes in the opening height.

When you modify an opening, the settings for rabbet remain unchanged.

Attributes that you assign later to an opening created by means of “Niche, Recess, Slit, Opening” remain unchanged, even if you open the “Properties” dialog box of this opening.


Allplan correctly computes vertical room finish specifications in a section when the room is under roof planes and in front of a wall with openings.

Stair modeler

We enhanced the stair modeler in various places.

Views and sections

The preview displays the section object when you create a section from a section.

Allplan correctly creates a section within an existing section when the “Height from elements” option is not selected for the clipping path of the existing section.

Allplan considers the “Color from layer” setting when displaying surface elements.

Allplan correctly identifies associative labels of objects in a view or section as labels and not as views or sections.

The “Convert View to 2D” tool works correctly with certain objects (for example, SmartParts, railing).

After you have used the “Remove/Add Elements” tool, you can switch to the Layout Editor without problems.

When you modify several views or sections, the “Restore basic settings” button correctly resets all parameters.

When you need to select reference drawing files for editing views and sections, Allplan automatically loads them when you confirm the message by clicking “Yes”.

When you change the color for construction lines in the Options, the printout no longer includes the section object.


Bar reinforcement

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool no longer changes the icon of temporary elements.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool correctly converts segments of circles followed by straight lines.

You can display any bar as folded.

When you change the hook length of a S-hook by means of “Modify Hook” or the Properties palette, the direction of the hook remains unchanged.

Allplan correctly displays several S-hooks placed one after the other in view.

When you modify the length of a bar placed per meter by means of the Properties palette, the “Actual length” considers all placements.

Nonassociative legends and reports correctly output the total length, even if the length that you define for bars placed per meter is different from the actual length.

Allplan automatically updates associative legends when you change the placing mode of XRefs.

You can rearrange placements per meter without problems.

The “Rearrange Marks” tool works correctly even if you do not exclude bars that you have already rearranged.

Allplan no longer changes the placement display mode when you rotate a section that you select by enclosing it in a selection rectangle.

Allplan no longer deletes the label of a different placement when you apply the “Modify Placement Display Mode” tool.

Allplan no longer duplicates the placement label when you modify bars in a placement by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool.

When you change the number of bars placed per meter by means of “Modify Placement” or the Properties palette, Allplan correctly updates the bar length in the label.

Mesh reinforcement

You can create a linear placement with the “Same mark numbers” option without problems.

When assigning a new mark number, Allplan no longer considers meshes on visible, frozen layers, even if the “Select elements fully bounded and intersected” option is selected.

You can create schemas of new meshes without problems.

After you have created meshes by means of the wizard, Allplan correctly creates labels when you switch the reference scale.

The “Mesh cutting diagram.rdlc” report correctly outputs the numbers of pieces, even if you create this report in the “Derived from building structure” area and this report analyzes several drawing files.


Views and sections correctly display couplers, even if you change the placement display mode.

Reinforcement views

You can create and edit reinforcement views more quickly.

You can display the clipping path and section object without problems later.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Allplan Quality Manager

Allplan Quality Manager checks the data for too great group numbers.

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International


The “Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes” report and the “Bar schedule - bending shapes” legend correctly output the numbers of pieces.