Hotfix Allplan 2021-0-3

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

We updated the modeling core of Allplan.


Zipped setup packages start faster after having been unzipped.

Basic features

Projects, drawing files

The positions of text leaders remain unchanged when you “Copy, Move Elements between Documents”.

When you edit and save individual drawing files in large projects, Allplan no longer changes other drawing files.


Like a project backup, a project copy now retains the UUIDs of the objects and thus the links between the objects and the building structure and planes.

Layout editor

Allplan correctly updates certain drawing files when you switch to the layout editor.

If views and sections have not yet been updated due to changed drawing files, Allplan displays an enhanced message when you switch to the layout editor.

Associative labels containing label styles remain unchanged when you switch to the layout editor.

As in previous versions, you can place stories at the same height next to one another in a layout.


You can use the “Copy Format” tool again.

When you “Mirror without Copy”, you can reselect the last elements selected by double-clicking the right mouse button and mirror these elements without keeping the original elements.

When you “Mirror without Copy” or “Copy and Mirror” and then select another edit tool, you can reselect the last elements selected by double-clicking the right mouse button.

User interface

Properties palette

You can change a property of many elements, such as the pen thickness, more quickly by means of the Properties palette.

After you have filtered and changed an object property in the Properties palette, you can assign an attribute to this object.

Objects palette

When you sort the entries by the “style name” attribute in the Objects palette, Allplan immediately updates changes to the transparency of filtered wall layers or total walls.

After you have switched from the “style name” to the “name” attribute when sorting by attribute, the Objects palette immediately lists the wall layers.

Shortcut Configurator

We corrected the list of tools in the “More Tools” area of Shortcut Configurator.


Allplan Share

When you open an Allplan Share project, the Attribute Manager does not stop running and you can use it immediately.

Layout attributes that were changed by means of the Allplan Attribute Manager are still available in Allplan Share projects and visible in the layout legends when you restart Allplan.

You assign attributes to an Allplan Share project by means of “Assign attributes” in the “New Project, Open Project” dialog box. When you click “OK”, these attributes are correctly visible in the “New Project, Open Project” dialog box.

We further enhanced the “Replace layout” tool on the shortcut menu of a layout in the “Open on a project-specific basis: layouts” dialog box in a zipped Allplan Share project.

You can change the local cache for Allplan Share by means of the Registry Editor (HKLM/InstallRoot).

Bimplus interface

When you download a reference model from the Bimplus web platform, you can simultaneously download reference objects from different Bimplus specialist models in a single operation.

Reinforcement in a Bimplus reference model gets the correct layer during import to Allplan.

Workgroup manager

We removed superfluous boxes from the “Allplan User Administration” dialog box.

IFC interface

IFC import considers the direction of the door swing.

Allplan imports elements of tessellated geometry, even if they include duplicate corner points.

Allplan transfers the “object name” attribute (@498@) to IFC, even if its value has not changed.

Revit import

We are further developing the direct import of Revit files as a technical preview. You can see a message when you import Revit data.

You can import Revit data of all Revit versions up to and including version 2020. You can see a message when you try to import a format that is not supported.

Import considers the “Element filter” defined in the “Revit import settings”.

PDF interface

We enhanced import of PDF files.

User-defined objects, libraries

Label styles

Label styles with formula attributes correctly analyze the object when you change the formula and then update the label.

You can use certain Visual Basic scripts to analyze element properties in label styles again.


The “object name” attribute (@498@) remains unchanged when you save this attribute together with other attributes as a favorite while assigning attributes and then retrieve this favorite.

You can use the PARENT() function with formula attributes.


Room finish specifications with an associative legend in a copied project remain unchanged when you open this project for the first time and Allplan automatically updates the legend.

The “IBD Quantities.rdlc” report is up to date.



When creating a wall, you can match the properties of a single wall layer from a wizard, even if you have already matched the whole wall from the wizard.

While you are drawing walls, the component axis is visible in the preview when “Display component axes” is selected in the “Options” on the “Components and architecture” page.

You no longer need to click the “Undo” tool twice to remove a new wall.

Slabs intersect downstand beams or upstand beams again (element interaction).

You can change the angle of a roof surface that is linked with frame-construction elements.


You apply a fill to a room by means of “Assign Surface Elements to Rooms, Surfaces, Stories”. Allplan detects this room again when you click within the surface element while working with “Reshape Surface Element, Architectural Area”.

Views and sections display “Vertical covering, outside” (for example, exterior plaster) of a story in the area of the ceiling, even if the covering is defined with a condition and the ceiling is in a separate drawing file.


You can apply a roof covering of the “Fully bounded roof planes (dormers) are ignored” input type to dormers without problems.

Stair modeler

The carriage can have an “Offset at bottom” that is smaller than the tread thickness. In addition, the support corbel at the half-space landing is correct.

Views and sections

When you import sections created in a previous version to the current version, Allplan correctly displays these sections without you having to change the settings for displaying edges.

When you create and edit section objects, Allplan presents only unassigned numbers for the section identifiers.

When you create or show the clipping path in an existing view or section, Allplan uses the layer selected in the palette.

Allplan correctly hides the clipping path when you do this by using the “Show Clipping Path” and “Modify Section” tools.

When you click “Match” on the shortcut menu of a section displayed in a wizard, Allplan opens the “Clipping Path” tool and matches the section settings from the wizard.

You can “Undo” several sections that you create and place in succession.

The model and the section are in different drawing files. When you save the drawing file with the section as an NDW file, you can now open the NDW file without seeing a message, and the intersected model is still available as an 2D outline.

When you assign a different surface to a color by means of the “Modify View” tool, Allplan immediately updates the view as soon as you confirm by clicking “OK” and “Apply”. This also applies to changes to computed lines. You no longer need to select “Reorganize Drawing Files” or Ctrl+F5.

The “Copy” tool no longer changes the shape of a section object.

When you create a section from a view or a section, the preview no longer displays the label twice.

Sections correctly display window openings with SmartParts that are as long as a wall, that is, without surface elements.

XRefs are complete in sections.

When you assign a drawing file with reinforcement to an existing section by means of the drawing-file filter, the reinforcement is immediately visible without you having to reselect the drawing file with the reinforcement.

Structural framing

When you create inclined beams, Allplan correctly calculates the values for the offsets to the reference planes or for the elevation points from the points clicked.


Bar reinforcement

You can place bar shapes (created by entering points) without model data in views and sections without problems.

You can place 2D reinforcement by means of “Special Placements” without problems.

Reports correctly output the number of pieces for marks of 2D reinforcement placed in polygon.

The preview of the placing region is correct when you modify bars placed in rotation.

We enhanced the labels of bars placed in rotation.

Allplan correctly places bars in rotation, even if the bars have already been placed.

The preview is immediately visible when you create schemas with “Segment dimensioning” being turned off.

After having created longitudinal reinforcement with a “Straight” delivery by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” and “Sweep Bars Along Path” tools, you can generate partial schemas for this reinforcement without problems.

You can create partial schemas for reinforcing bars with circular segments without problems.

You use the “Convert, Match Elements” tool to create bending shapes by converting segments of circles. Allplan correctly transfers these segments of circles to the BVBS file.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool correctly converts segments of circles to bars per meter.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool correctly matches an existing mark.

“Copy, Convert Elements Across Drawing Files” with the “Reinforcement to 3D solids” setting no longer removes the links between model data and sections.

Allplan no longer deletes elements of different marks when you apply the “Delete Mark” tool.

Reports and nonassociative legends correctly analyze certain 2D bars placed per meter.

Reports and nonassociative legends correctly consider the component factor when you change the number of bars placed per meter.

Nonassociative legends and reports correctly output the total length, even if the length that you define for bars placed per meter is different from the actual length.

The bar shape expands in views and sections, even if the drawing file with the model data is not open.

Allplan correctly displays intersected bars in accordance with the “Circle and cross” setting in the “Options”.

Mesh reinforcement

Nonassociative legends and reports correctly output the number of pieces, even if the number of pieces that you define for 2D meshes is different from the actual number of pieces.

DT reinforcement

DT Placement comes with more and enhanced functions.


You can export and import placements with couplers without problems.

When you create associative legends of couplers without using the drawing-file filter, Allplan considers only elements in the active drawing files.


Element plan

When you change the diameter of a mark, PLANBAR no longer changes the representation of the schema in the element plan.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International


You can now select Canada ('CAN') as a country.


The “Shortcut table”, which you can open by selecting “Default Settings” - “Shortcuts” - “Keyboard Shortcuts”, is completely available in Polish.


We enhanced the label for a section from a section based on the US standard.