Hotfix Allplan 2021-0-7

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features

Certain tools such as “Delete” might not have functioned correctly when you selected a component by means of the Objects palette, sent this palette to the background by selecting another palette, and then canceled the selection of the component again. We solved this problem.

Drawing files and projects

If the program stopped responding while saving drawing files, you might have not been able to select drawing files. We solved this problem.

Allplan correctly exports loaded drawing files with resources, even if the drawing files contain formula attributes.


Allplan correctly loads and processes certain XRefs, no longer displaying messages about the document size.


Allplan Share

Auto-save works correctly, even if a power-saving option is selected for the network adapter in conjunction with the “Automatically save drawing files and layouts” option (options - desktop environment).

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC export of general 3D objects.

Allplan correctly exports certain general 3D objects to IFC4, even if the “Support for freeform geometry” option is not selected in the “Advanced options” of the “IFC Export, Import Settings”.

DWG interface

After DWG export, drawing files whose names start with “*” appear correct in the layout area of the DWG file.

We enhanced import of 3D solids.

PDF export

When you export layouts by using the “Export PDF Data” tool with the “Export layers” option being selected, the names of the layers will correctly be used for the levels in the PDF file again.

User-defined objects, libraries


You can freely define the height of the window handle for window SmartParts that open to the outside.


You can place a PythonPart in a drawing file again after you have undone the creation of the PythonPart in another drawing file.


Pattern lines

You can draw and change pattern lines without problems.



Allplan correctly updates certain associative dimension lines after you have changed the thickness of a slab.
You can mirror certain curved dimension lines again.



When you change the properties of individual wall layers by means of the “Change Archit. Properties” tool, you can separately change the properties of the second wall layer or of additional wall layers again.


If “Allplan Quality Manager” is turned on in “Allplan Diagnostics”, you get messages about the XML file of user-defined attributes saved in a project-specific manner.

You can assign attributes to bar reinforcement without problems.


In copied projects or drawing files, layers of finish specifications might not correctly be listed in the “Room” dialog box. In this case, close the “Room” dialog box by clicking “Cancel”. We recommend that you select all drawing files with rooms and apply the “Update Labels” tool to all rooms. This tool includes a repair mechanism.

The “Collision Check” tool correctly checks hollow blocks designed from surfaces.


When labeling graphics in reports, Allplan considers the text size defined in the “Options - Reports and quantity calculations - Text parameters...”.

Views and sections

When you draw polylines in drawing files with views and sections, Allplan correctly creates the entire polyline.

As in views, you can remove elements from sections, even if the model data is not loaded.

You can delete the clipping path after you have changed the extents by means of the handles.

The angle of material hatching is correct in a rotated section of a georeferenced component and in the layout.

A section immediately displays the new “Side” direction symbol based on the US standard, even if the “Background color of viewport” is black.


Bar reinforcement

You can copy reinforcement across documents by means of the clipboard, even if drawing files are open in reference mode.

You can create single placements of bars placed in polygon in 2D reinforcement mode in drawing files with 3D reinforcement again.

You can show selected bars in polygonal placements.

You can rearrange the marks after you have copied and changed the placing parameters of a placement along a path.

By using the “Stretch Entities” tool, you can modify several placements created by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool.

After you have moved, copied, or rotated a placement created by means of “Sweep Bars Along Path”, the position of the placement remains unchanged, even if you change the placing parameters.

You can create polygonal placements in sections with a rotated plan view.

When you change the placing polygon of area reinforcement by means of “Stretch Entities”, the bars displayed in the schema remain unchanged.

You can undo bar shapes entered in views and sections.


After you have switched drawing files and changed the layer visibility by selecting a print set, mesh placements immediately appear correct in views and sections.


By placing certain fixtures, you quickly reached the document size specified. We solved this problem.


Lattice girders

You can apply the “New Mark Number” tool to standard lattice girders, secondary girders, and shear girders again.

Special loads

When you turn off the representation of special loads by using the load-case view in the load-case definition, the special loads are no longer visible in the Layout Editor.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International


Soule export transfers polygonal placements with the “VarType 11” and a common group number. Placement bars of the same length will be combined with a consecutive number.