Hotfix Allplan 2021-1-9

Release notes (September 8th, 2021)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features

Direct object modification

Cylinders can be correctly distorted again in the negative Z direction using direct object modification.

Element groups

Creating element groups is now no longer possible if there are reinforcement elements among the activated elements.



When dimensioning a corner window, the sill height is now correctly taken from the adjacent interior, even if a room has been defined outside for a balcony, for example.


AutoCAD interface

When exporting DWG with exchange favorite 7 it could happen that layers were not assigned correctly and therefore not transferred. This is now fixed / has now been improved.

MicroStation interface

When exporting DGN with exchange favorite 1 of plans that contain bitmap areas, the bitmap areas are now transferred in correct scaling.

IFC interface

In certain cases it could happen that self-created formula attributes were not calculated during IFC export. We solved this problem.

Layout editor

Export PDF Data

Legends on layouts will be included again when exporting the layout to PDF.


If an inclined 3D surface / 3D plane processed with 'Modify Points' is activated over a ceiling, this could lead to program standstill in certain cases. We solved this problem.

Views and Sections

The program positions and displays views correctly.

When creating a section from a section with the 'Update automatically' option disabled, changed format properties are now preserved in the source section.

When copying associative labels of a view, the associations are now preserved again.

In certain cases, architectural walls could not be enabled for associative labeling in sections; this is now fixed.

If fixtures are displayed as wire calculations in Vews and Sections, they can be reactivated.

If fixtures are displayed as wire calculations in Vews and Sctions, linear fixtures are no longer displayed outside the section body.


If a fixture with 2D foils containing curves is used in a section, these curves were displayed incorrectly on the 2D foils after 'Rotate' or 'Mirror'. We solved this problem.

structural Framing

Structural objects such as 'Structural Framing Column' and 'Structural Framing Beam' can again be edited with 'Copy and Rotate' or 'Copy and Paste, Rotate'.


Bar reinforcement

Creating additional reinforcement after placing a Bar Shape with 'Extrude Bars Along Path' has been improved.

Undoing of bar shape placements has been improved.

Rotating reinforcement labels by clicking reference and direction lines is now possible again.

In the case of placement rules with the type 'comb', the pointers have been improved.

If the diameter of a circular stirrup is changed via direct object modification, the schema is now updated correctly.

If identical linear meters of bars are placed on diffferent drawing files in 2D reinforcement and the placing length has been changed, the correct total length is now output again in the 'Bar schedule - bending shapes' report.

When using imperial units, the diameter of the Circular Stirrup is now output correctly in the schema.

Mesh Rinforcement

The display of single bars of reinforcement meshes has been improved.

Changing the mesh dimensions with the 'Stretch Entities' tool has been improved.

When subsequently labeling bent-up meshes, the label is now no longer generated multiple times.

After moving the mesh label, the label is now no longer generated multiple times during subsequent repositioning.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program as well as warped slabs (”Warped Slabs” task area) in various places.

For one or a group of nodes that are duplicated or copied and pasted again via the clipboard, both the incoming connections and the connections between them are now preserved.

Duplicated nodes retain connections when the script is saved, closed, and reopened in the canvas.