Hotfix Allplan 2022-0-1

Release notes (November 3rd, 2021)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

In certain cases, importing the private settings via Services application caused data problems; this has now been fixed.

MSI Setup

If you cancel an uninstallation, the original installation state is restored.


IFC Interface

The preset program interface at the libraries has been revised and the interface preview has been updated.

The IFC export now supports all geometry data created with priority (PBC). In addition, the quantity calculation has been improved.

We have fixed some dependencies and defaults related to exchange favorites by IFC scheme and selected MVD data in IFC export.

IFC export for openings has been improved for special geometry data.

IFC import has been improved for openings and geometry data in special use cases.

We have fixed some dependencies and defaults related to exchange favorites by IFC scheme and selected MVD data in IFC export.

During IFC import, the transfer of layer information for objects has been enhanced.

Sketchup interface

Sketchup import now supports East Asian characters in the file name.

PDF Interface

During PDF export, the capital Latin letter A with macron ‘Ā’ is now correctly transferred as Unicode.


The upload from Allplan to Bimplus has been enhanced.

Each finishing surface is now assigned a unique IFC ID.



The “Scalypso” plugin has been updated.


The “Road” plugin has been updated.


Activating and deactivating structure nodes within the building structure is now done correctly in all scenarios.


Favorites for the derivations can now be used again.


The project transfer from a previous version is now also performed with a local data path; this can also be done after the installation has been completed.

The “Project Import” function has been extended; you can now also quickly get to the desktop and the “Documents” and “Downloads” folders via quick access.

User settings from an older version are now correctly adopted when Allplan is started.

In case of an upgrade, Windows access rights are now assigned correctly.

User interface

You can now select the onboarding for the road planning without errors.

The display of extended tooltips on 4K monitors has been enhanced.

The transparency display is now also displayed correctly for VULKAN and Open GL.

Layout Editor

When working with Allplan Share projects, you can now again select the ‘Allplan Exchange Layout Distribution’ and ‘Layout and Project Attributes’ functions.

User interface

In texts and dimension lines for imperial units, fractions can now be activated again via the registry key “UseFractions=1”.

Detection of lines and elements for non-associative angular dimensioning has been fixed.

In the ‘General’ task of the ‘Technical Building Equipment’ role, the ‘General’ task area is displayed correctly again.

The active layout can now be copied again from the layout selection dialog.

Detection of lines and elements for associative angular dimensioning has been fixed.

For axis grids consisting of two lines (x, y), it was not possible to extend the x line horizontally. This has now been fixed.

The dimension text is now displayed correctly when a new point is added to a dimension line.

If a dimension line is copied, moved or rotated around a circle, the circle now holds its position.

A circle including dimension line can now be deleted in an NDW file without system crash.

If a new grid line is added to the first grid line, the remaining grid lines will now no longer move.

The format settings regarding color display are now correctly applied to objects in the viewport.

The display error in the viewport due to a combination of special graphics card and hardware has been fixed.

Views and sections

If you copy and move elements in views and sections, design elements without a linked model are now also correctly taken into account.

When switching to the Layout Editor, views and sections with associative dimensioning are now also checked to see if they are up-to-date.

In certain cases, the glass in a window element was not displayed as a fill area in views, e.g. if it was behind other objects. We have solved this problem.

Fixtures with 2D foils containing curves are now also displayed correctly in the Layout Editor after 'Rotate' or 'Mirror'.

As in the case of reinforcement views, you can no longer modify views and sections using the 'Modify format properties' function.

A grid is displayed in views and sections.

If an architectural element is copied from the 'BIMEASY Architecture' wizard to the drawing file without an associated view, the display in the wizard now remains unchanged.

If the format property ‘Color’ is deactivated in the ‘Formats’ palette for the visible edges and/or hidden edges, the edges will now be displayed with the ‘Color of Layer’ as in the model if the corresponding setting is made.

When converting 'Architecture to 2D’ construction, section objects now remain unchanged.


Transforming 3D bodies into planes with the tool '3D to Planes’ has been enhanced.

The placement of a niche/opening in an architectural component with adjacent walls has been improved.

We have also improved the handling of broken data from a previous version during data conversion.

There were problems activating objects in the area selection if freeform walls were in the drawing file. This has now been fixed.

In the properties palette of roof surfaces, the value for the inclination in the “corner settings” section has been fixed.

Adjacent intersected objects are now no longer made invisible in the objects palette if it doesn't make sense. Likewise, this behavior applies to color coding and transparency settings.

Unfinished structure

If the roller blind housing and the underlying wall layer are the same width, the division lines in the support area of the roller blind housing will now be displayed correctly with the format properties set in 'Options'.

When you insert an opening (niche, recess, slit, opening) in a downstand beam/upstand beam, you can enter the reference points again.

Ceilings/slabs created with the 'Display surface element in plan' option can now also be selected by clicking 'Reshape Surface Element, Architectural Area'.

What we also did was to improve the stability of the 3D update feature for architectural components in interaction.


Selecting the 'Catalog' function without selecting an element catalog in the project properties caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


Bar reinforcement

In certain cases, converting reinforcement drawing files in previous versions of Allplan 2022 caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

The execution of the 'Show selected bar as folded' option in the 'Modify Placement Display Mode' tool has been improved.

Mesh Reinforcement

In certain cases, after changing the direction of the mesh diagonals, the label was displayed twice for 2D meshes; this is now fixed.

Placing polygons of mesh placements can be modified again with the function ‘Modify Offset’.


Undoing the creation of the BAMTEC file has been improved.

The creation of automatic carpet reinforcement with the 'Reinforce' tool has been improved.

Reinforcement views

In Allplan 2023, reinforcement views will no longer be available in the regular Allplan version without precast elements. You can see a message to this effect.


In the Layout Editor, the couplers are now displayed again only at the selected joints of the installation, as in document editing.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

You can now start Allplan on computers with the settings Country Israel and Language Hebrew, provided that System Locale is set to English.

You can now again output the reinforcement using the ‘Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes - summary’ report.