Hotfix Allplan 2022-0-2

Release notes (11/24/2021)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

The “Allplan Diagnostics” tool is now available in the respective Allplan language.


In certain cases, importing projects during a new installation with data transfer caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


This hotfix updates the WIBU licensing of Allplan.


IFC Interface

The " Pier " component is now correctly transferred during the IFC export.

File import now works correctly when the ‘Import all objects as user-defined architectural elements’ option is set.

The “IFC Export Settings” dialog has been enhanced.

In the IFC import, some errors concerning “beams” have been fixed.

You can now import IFC files in XML and ZIP format using drag-and-drop.

AutoCAD interface

In the DWG export, the dimension texts of vertical dimension lines are again transferred in the correct position.

When importing DWG with a specific exchange favorite, problems with the Slovak version have been fixed.

PDF Interface

The export of rims has been improved.

MicroStation interface

Macro elements are now correctly exported to DGN when a seed file is selected.


The upload from Allplan to Bimplus has been enhanced.



The “Road” plugin has been updated.


Creating attribute groups of certain macro types works without errors again.

When creating attributes, problems related to incorrect min-max values were fixed.



In the reports ‘Allplan BCM’ and ‘NEVARIS’ the weight unit ‘t’ is evaluated correctly again.


The output of special user-defined legends for architectural components caused the program to crash; this has been fixed.


When activating and deactivating drawing files in the building structure via the shortcut menu, the selection state of the structure nodes is now displayed correctly again.

If a drawing file from a previous version is imported and a Layout Editor window is opened, layers that are switched on or off remain visible.


The associative angle dimensioning is now correctly updated after a modification of the curved object.

Layout Editor

In certain cases, switching to Layout Editor or exporting layouts for drawing files with axis grids in Views and Sections caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

In the case of layout legends with an index, this is now again only displayed at the correct position.


In GDI mode, the texture is displayed correctly again in animated view.

The stability of Allplan in Vulkan mode has been improved.

For sloped surfaces, the texture is displayed correctly again.

User-Defined Objects


The line feed when defining legends has been improved and now works again as in Allplan 2021.

User interface

The position of the Extended Tooltip has been corrected for monitors with a certain screen resolution.

Views and Sections

You can now create 2D lines in Views and Sections faster.

Selecting the ‘Show Clipping Path’ tool from the context menu is now no longer possible for Views and Sections with the ‘Update automatically’ option deactivated.

When importing drawing files using the ‘Import drawing files’ function in the shortcut menu of the building structure, sections are now also imported.

If the corresponding setting is made under Options, fixtures are now displayed as wireframe models in Views and Sections.

In the ‘Show Clipping Path’ tool, it is now no longer possible to click on Views and Sections for which the ‘Update automatically’ option is deactivated.

When copying sections via the clipboard, incorrect clipping paths were sometimes assigned to the sections in the target drawing file; this has now been fixed.

When converting architecture to 2D using the ‘Copy and Convert Elements across Drawing Files' tool, section objects are now preserved.

Modifying section objects with ‘Lengthen Lines’ has been improved.

The ‘Rearrange Section Identifier’ function has been improved for ‘Undo’.

Creating views and sections containing an axis grid has been accelerated.


Area detection is now working correctly again.

The sorting of internal attributes has been improved.

The ‘Smart Catalog' entry for creating and modifying your own material catalog is now available in the ‘Service’ menu in the Service application. This eliminates the need for manual editing of the supplied XML catalog.

In the Properties palette, a truncated text was completed.

The new attribute “safety standard” has been introduced.


When using the ‘Windows’ setting for ‘Color scheme and icon design’, the material to be imported is now correctly displayed in the preview list in the Bimplus material catalog.

Unfinished structure

After modifying an opening with the 'Properties' palette, the geometry of the lintel was displayed incorrectly; this is now fixed.

The display of separators between architectural components in the floor plan has been corrected when these components are moved and the ‘Fixed pen and color for junction, division lines’ option is enabled.

The incorrect behavior of interactive walls has been fixed. This occurred with different heights after point modification when the wall axis view was enabled.

Matching a wall layer via pipette has been corrected.


The ‘Fixed pen and color for junction, division lines’ option now also affects the display of lines between rooms and architectural elements when they are located on a drawing file.


IFC export has been improved by adding the unit at stair components.

The net volume of a complete stair design is now automatically calculated and assigned to the attribute “Net volume”.


Now also the assigned attributes of a railing are matched, not only the geometrical properties.


Converting views and sections with reinforcement with the ‘Convert Elements’ and ‘Copy and Convert Elements across Drawing Files’ functions has been improved for the ‘Architecture to 2D’ and ‘Architecture to 3D solids’ settings.

Bar reinforcement

In certain cases, incorrect values were output for variable segments in the 'Bar schedule bending shapes' report for polygonally laid bars; this has now been fixed.

In ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’, the generation of different areas for transverse reinforcement has been improved.

The internal algorithm in ‘Rearrange Marks’ has been improved for Element Plans.

Transferring an existing position to a new drawing file using the ‘Convert, Match Elements’ tool has been improved.

In certain cases, after deleting individual placements, the display of the schema was changed; this has now been fixed.

The criteria for repositioning bars with the same bar length have been improved.

Allplan Quality Manager can now better detect problems in polygonal placements.

When extending a segment with the 'Add Bar Segment' function, the section was not extended but a second section added instead; this is now fixed.

The display of bars has been improved in views and sections with factors in the X and Y directions; the diameter is now displayed correctly.

Matching the bending shape display for legends of non-selected drawing files has been improved.

In certain cases, the color setting from the options was not applied when placing bars; this has now been fixed.

Mesh Reinforcement

The copy of a mat label is now preserved again when the mat is moved.

Modifying format properties of mesh placements after repeated import of drawing files with resources with replacement of existing drawing files has been improved.

The subsequent placement of meshes previously created with the ‘Mesh Shape’ tool has been enhanced.

The representation of certain schemas is now kept even when the section object is modified.

In certain cases, when moving views or sections, the mesh label was not moved correctly as well; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, a single mesh could not be activated by selecting the diagonal; this has been fixed.


In the Layout Editor, the couplers are now displayed again only at the selected joints of the installation, as in document editing.

The cutting of polygonally laid bars with subsequent creation of joints on the side with different bar lengths has been improved.

The sleeves are now preserved again when modifying layouts with the 'Modify Placement' function.

When modifying placements with 'Stretch Entities’, the sleeves are now added directly to the additional bars.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.


For the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement', these now remain a PythonPart and are linked to the architectural component with which they were created. This allows them to be adjusted even after placement, the same PythonParts can be updated in one go, and geometry changes of the architectural components are taken into account when activating the PythonParts. The reinforcement also remains a PythonPart and is connected to the beam, column or wall. The PythonPart can be reactivated via the displayed bounding box. Apart from improved localization, the following new features have also been implemented in the individual components.


  • Enhanced placement of corner bars.


  • Enhanced placement of stirrups.
  • Improved labeling.


  • Reinforcements around wall openings are now placed linearly instead of individually.

Allplan International


In the file created with the 'Export aSa' function, certain entries were not in the right place; this has now been fixed.

The 'Export aSa' now also works for metric units and gives correct results when exporting straight bars. For coupling bars, the end processing abbreviations are transferred correctly.