Hotfix Allplan 2022-0-3

Release notes (12/16/2021)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

The project “Hello Allplan! 2022" is now available in the updated version.

The performance of the 'Allplan Diagnostics' tool has been optimized for when computers are checked out in the workgroup.

In the 'Allplan Diagnostics' tool as well as in the 'Import Project' dialog, the data path can now be correctly changed to a network share.

MSI Setup

In the 'Manufacturer-Specific User Data' area, you can now select the new socket manufacturers 'BarSplice' and 'Dayton Superior'.

Canceling the installation has been enhanced.

The installation has been optimized with regard to upgrade and reinstallation with data copy.


In certain cases the license was no longer recognized after a program crash; this has now been fixed.



With the setting 'Transfer elements as 2D', simple 3D elements are now exported correctly again.

In certain cases, a program crash occurred when exiting Allplan after a DGN export and subsequent DWG export; this has now been fixed.

IFC Interface

Export of data with views and sections has been accelerated.

The IFC export now also takes into account Halfen fixtures that were calculated in the Halfen program and imported into Allplan as a 3D object.

When exporting stairs, the net volume is now also transferred. Furthermore, the export of columns has been improved.

For the IFC object types 'undefined' and 'IfcBuildingElementProxy' the quantity data is exported correctly again.

In certain cases, the program crashed when exporting roof elements; this has now been fixed.


Communication between Allplan and Bimplus has been improved.


Selecting the 'Properties' palette after activating a 3D object with a specific attribute caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


When discontinuing element groups, the program froze in certain cases; this has now been fixed.

Elements in construction line are again displayed before fill areas if the value for 'Order' is correct.

Changing legends

If an area without elements is defined when the 'Modify Points' function is executed, the function for defining a further area now remains active again


With the function 'Move Dimension Text' the last defined position of the input options will be saved again.

Layout Editor

In Vulkan mode, the start or end symbol of the text pointer was not displayed correctly in the layout editor. This has now been fixed.

When copying contents of layout to a previously deleted layout or to an already occupied layout, the correct message is now displayed.


With the setting 'Use color 1 for all elements' in the 'Display', the assigned surface is now retained again in the animated view.

Views and Sections

In views and sections in the z direction, the axis projections for rotated axis grids no longer refer to the view border but to the axes.

After switching on the auxiliary design and executing the 'Restore 3D View' function, existing clipping paths are now no longer converted to the construction line.

3D splines are now accurately displayed again in views and sections. This means that the 'Create Prestressing Cable Plan' function in the 'Allplan Bridge' task area again produces a usable result.

When creating views and sections or reinforcement views, existing views and sections or reinforcement views in the open wizard are no longer taken into account.

When copying a clipping path with the 'Copy and rotate' function, the new clipping path now also receives a new section identifier.

Structural framing

The PythonPart opened with the 'Connection Toolbox' function has been extended and improved.

The data conversion of structural framing objects has been improved.

In certain cases, trying to modify the new axis grid with the 'Modify Axis Grid' function caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


Converting '2D Design to 3D Lines, 3D Curves' has been improved in such a way that data errors are avoided.


Loading certain customer data with walls and rooms caused the program to crash; this is now fixed.

The data conversion now correctly takes into account the different interaction of components in the versions.

Unfinished structure

Placing a recess with the view shape 'Any Opening with Outline Saved as Symbol' caused the program to crash with an absolute value of the top or bottom edge; this has now been fixed.

In the 'BIMEASY Wizard 01-02 Slab Beams', the attribute 'Fire Behavior' is now preset with <undefined>. More wizards now include views and sections instead of reinforcement views.

In certain cases, creating a strip foundation with the 'Entity-Based Component' setting caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

After modifying an opening with a roller blind housing, the geometry of the lintel was displayed incorrectly; this is now fixed.

When modifying spline-shaped components with Direct object modification, the associative curve dimensioning is now adjusted correctly.


The stability of set bodies with height connection to reference planes has been improved.


The two engineering project templates now have a building structure.

Bar reinforcement

Hook lengths that deviate from the standard are now retained unchanged when the hook angle is rearranged and/ or changed.

Working with display favorites has been improved in reinforcement design. When changing, reinforcement labels and representations are now retained.

When subsequently creating a hook on a straight bar via the 'Properties' palette, it is now created in the correct direction.

If there are additional sections with resizing factors on a drawing file, the dimension number of reinforcement dimension lines was output incorrectly in undistorted sections; this has now been fixed.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.


Free reinforcement views are now updated immediately after modification of the model.

Allplan International

Czech Republic/Slovenia

Localization has been enhanced and improved. Furthermore, information on national support has been updated.


'Copy and Mirror' and 'Copy and Paste, Rotate' of cut lines in US Standard Style has been improved; the 'Interrupted' or 'Continuous' setting is now preserved.