Hotfix Allplan 2022-0-7

Release notes (03/09/2022)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

The Quality Reporter now displays information about the currently used hotfix. To improve stability, always use the latest hotfix.

MSI Setup

The languages now show 'English (USA)' according to the actual installation.



The 'Road’ plugin has been updated.


When selecting the office folder in the library, the applicable country-specific folder is now always opened for multiple installed countries.


After deleting the office attributes, project-related attributes are saved again in the correct directory.

For construction product manufacturers, the attributes 'Copyright', 'Homepage Manufacturer', 'Brand', 'Standards' and 'Certificates' have been implemented in the attribute group 'General'.

User interface

Creating reports and switching to the Layout Editor with the window toolbar permanently displayed has been accelerated.

User-Defined Objects

Label styles

In the Label Style, attributes that are assigned the <undefined> value now appear as an empty string.

Smart symbols

When creating smart symbols from the wizard, the defined height of the drop-in point is now correctly adopted.


When using the function 'point of intersection' in the shortcut menu of the point input, the correct queries are now displayed again in the dialog line.

When creating new tools with 'Add Python/SmartPart' in the 'Actionbar Configurator', uppercase letters can now also be used in the file name extension.

The polyline entry with the input option 'define area of element to polygonize' now works again as before.


When changing the text size or reference scale, as well as when changing the text length, text leaders are now adjusted correctly.


Changing the selected division point after selecting the 'division point' tool in the point input context menu caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


If the setting for the arrow length of the radius dimensioning defined in the options is changed via the 'Curve Dimensioning' dialog box, all corresponding dimension lines are now updated immediately.

When modifying radius dimension lines with the 'Modify Dim. Line' tool, the arrowhead is now generated correctly again.

Curve Dimensioning with fixed arrow length can now be edited again with the 'Move Dimension Text' and 'Show, Hide Dimension Text' functions.

Dimension text of Curve Dimensioning with fixed arrow length is now correctly converted to the current version.

Layout Editor

In certain cases, point modification in the Layout Editor caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, the layout structure was locked even when working without workgroup and share; this has now been fixed.


Working in Vulkan mode has been accelerated.


In the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement', translation issues have been fixed and usability has been improved in terms of grayed-out buttons, uniform default values, standards-based behavior and by right double-clicking. In addition to error corrections regarding the storage location for copied PythonParts and the position of height labels in sections, we have unified create reinforcement with regard to single placement and linear placement. Furthermore, the following improvements were made in the individual components.


  • Incorrect labeling of lateral reinforcement for copied PythonParts corrected.
  • Collisions removed from hooks of the main reinforcement


  • Connections with overlap for round columns.


  • Removed straight beams above the openings, so that now there are only stirrups.
  • Edge Reinforcement no longer collides with openings

Views and Sections

When you move the cursor to model data, the view borders of the sections that do not contain the model data are now no longer displayed in the selection preview color.

Adding or removing gridlines in views and sections without loaded model data has been improved.


The entry of the 'Bar Shape' and 'Mesh Shape' was stabilized based on information from crash reports.

The quality of Allplan has been further improved by addressing comprehensible messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

Improved joint positioning of 3D and 2D reinforcement within the same drawing file.

In certain cases, smooth bars were displayed angularly in the Layout Editor; this has now been fixed.

The calculation of the number of pieces of 2D reinforcement has been improved in reports and non-associative legends.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places. In addition, with regard to the PythonParts libraries, we have improved the user interface and functionality for various PythonParts.

Allplan International


The Shape Code Manager has been optimized for bar preparations.

In Soule Export, the 'Coupler' entry only appears if couplers are also present.