Release Allplan 2022-1

Release notes service release Allplan 2022-1 (04/06/2022)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Quality Reporter has been improved and enhanced for better analysis.

System requirements

This hotfix now enables the installation of Allplan 2022 on Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019/2021 without any restrictions.

MSI Setup

The post-installation of languages has been improved.

The English language files are now installed even if the options dialog was not opened.



The 'Road’ plugin has been updated.

Lumion LiveSync

With the Lumion LiveSync plugin for Allplan, you can render and visualize Allplan models in real time. A standalone setup is available for the installation of the 'Lumion LiveSync' plugin.

Lumion LiveSync for Allplan offers two features: LiveSync and a Collada (.DAE) file export. This allows changes to be made in the Allplan project, which are applied and displayed directly in Lumion in real time. You can also export files from Allplan Collada (.DAE) and seamlessly import them into Lumion.


  • Lumion 8.3 or later
  • Allplan 2022-1 or later

For more detailed information on working with the plug-in, please refer to "Lumion LiveSync in general" in the Allplan Help.


AutoCAD interface

During DWG export, bar placements in views are transferred correctly again.

Microstation interface

The import of bridge structures via the microstation interface has been improved. The elements are placed in the correct position and rotated correctly.

PDF Interface

If you open a 3D PDF created in the animation in Adobe Acrobat and activate the rendering of 3D content there, the colors of the elements now remain unchanged again.

User-Defined Objects

Label styles

Working with Text Favorites to use text modules has been improved.


In the attribute group 'Doors, windows', we implemented the attributes 'TG inside', 'Window_type', 'Surface weatherboard', 'Wheelchair ramp', 'Base material', 'LSG outside' and 'LSG inside'. Furthermore, 6 additional attributes for the manhole inlet have been added to the attribute group 'Cadastral Plan for Conduits'.

The export of user attributes has been improved.

If an attribute cannot be calculated, the previous incorrect message is now no longer output.



In the 'Trade overview' report, a multi-layer roof covering is evaluated correctly again.

After modifying the material using the Properties palette or the 'Modify Attributes' function, the correct designation is now output again in the Allplan BCM report 'Quantities.rdlc'.

User interface

When working in volcano mode, snap points and track points are now marked exactly.

The Extended Tooltip is now displayed in the correct position even if the drawing area spans 2 screens.

Drawing files that contain elements of an invalid program area are now marked with a special document identifier in the 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis' dialog box. It is now possible to repair such drawing files.

If a student license is available, the new role 'Campus' is now available.

When working with more than 2 screens, the simple Tooltip is now displayed instead of the Extended Tooltip. This is also the case when 2 screens are used without automatic scaling and the scaling of the main screen is larger than the scaling of the second screen.


When modifying path surfaces with multiple layers, material and trade of the first layer and unit of the last layer were assigned to all layers; this is now fixed.


Terrain points that have already been labeled can now be re-meshed into an existing DTM.


To avoid inconsistent data of associatively linked drawing files, the direct import and export functions and the backup functionality of individual drawing files in the building structure have been temporarily disabled.

Working with large element groups resulted in massive performance problems; this is now fixed.

Cross-document copying with target drawing file display caused the program to crash in Vulkan mode; this has now been fixed.

The output of plans with XRefs and transparent fill areas has been improved.

Using the 'point of intersection' tool in the point input shortcut menu when creating area elements has been improved.


The text leader adjustment implemented in Allplan 2022-0-7 when changing the text size or reference scale and when changing the text length has been temporarily deactivated again due to errors that occurred.


The 'Move Dimension Line' tool can now be used again for labeling bar placements.

When modifying radius and angle dimension lines from Allplan 2021, the boundary symbol is now displayed correctly again in the 'Properties' palette.

When executing the 'Adjust Location' tool, dimension lines on active drawing files in the background were moved to the active drawing file; this has now been fixed.

Layout Editor

Editing layout windows after the new polygon for layout window has been re-entered has been improved.

With certain data, switching to layout editor during layout update caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


Stability when working with general 3D objects has been improved.


When working in Vulkan mode, the representation of the shadow in the animation display has been improved.

In a new installation of Allplan 2022-1 or an upgrade from Allplan 2021, 'OpenGL' is now set by default for hardware acceleration. The 'Vulkan' setting is now only available if a suitable NVIDIA graphics card is used. When upgrading an Allplan 2022-0-x version with NVIDIA graphics card, the existing setting remains unchanged. Vulkan is no longer supported on Intel, AMD graphics cards.

Views and Sections

If there was more than one custom plane in the area of an architectural slab, the slab could no longer be selected in views and sections; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, hidden edges were not displayed or were displayed with the wrong line type for sections; this has now been fixed.

Copying and mirroring views and sections after executing the 'Reload Document’ function has been improved.

When working with rotated plan view, the preview of views and sections is now displayed correctly.


Unfinished structure

The intersection of the chimney with other architectural components based on priority is performed correctly again.

When modifying a roof surface composed of several surfaces, the edge selection caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

When executing the 'Update Labels' function, user attributes of walls are now no longer deleted.

Modifying openings using the direct object modification entry boxes or handles has been improved.


Replacing the first layer of a multi-layer floor surface of a room by matching a single-layer floor surface works correctly again.


In the stair modeler, you can now display the floor plan above and below the section line with the format properties of the individual elements.


Creating railings with subdivisions with areas at the beginning and end that are not to be subdivided works without errors again.

In floor plan and 3D view, the color is now displayed correctly for the 'from layer' setting.


The quality of Allplan has been further improved by addressing comprehensible messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

When deleting a placed bar, two-line texts were deleted; this has now been fixed.

Mesh Reinforcement

Modifying individual mesh placements as well as their extractions with 'Stretch Entities' has been improved.

When creating a symbol from the reinforcement model, mesh labels in views and sections were also taken into account; this has now been fixed.

Reinforcement views

Modifying placements whose placing region is not shown in real length in the reinforcement view has been improved.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

  • The Allplan Visual Scripting palette 'Library' contains all available nodes sorted alphabetically by category. The tree structure of the palette 'Library' has been extensively revised. Thematically related nodes are listed in folders or subfolders. The clear and manageable structure facilitates the manual search of a node in the palette 'Library'.
  • In the Allplan Visual Scripting application window, the 'File' menu has been extended to include the function ‘recent projects’. This provides the possibility to quickly reopen the last scripts that were recently accessed. Up to a maximum of 10 *.pyp files with their file names are displayed in the list. When hovering over the file name with the cursor, a Tooltip with the full file path is displayed.
  • The three palettes 'Library', 'Palette designer' and 'Output' can be closed and thus hidden with the close button in the palette border. You can make the image visible again via the 'View' menu.

Error messages occurred when executing individual examples included in Allplan; this has now been fixed.

Allplan International


In export soule, the entry 'mark' only appears for straight bars if the attribute 'rebar prefix' has been allocated.


Executing the function 'Export attributes' is possible again without errors.

When using the Arquimedes catalog, the value of the selected element will be written correctly into the attribute again.