Hotfix Allplan 2022-1-2

Release notes (05/18/2022)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Quality Reporter has been improved and enhanced for better analysis.

MSI Setup

The upgrade installation to Allplan 2022 is now also possible in silent mode.


Allplan Share

When executing the function 'Copy, Move Elements between Documents' without displaying the target drawing file, the drawing files are now correctly synchronized or updated for all.

When copying layouts using the 'Copy, Move Elements between Documents' function, the layout data is now updated correctly for all.

AutoCAD interface

When exporting views and sections in DWG, rooms in the open 'Wizards' palette are no longer taken into account.



The function icons in the 'Sewage' and 'Line construction' task areas have been improved.


Selecting splines with many points, of which only a section is shown, has been improved.


Exiting the 'Move Dimension Text' function by clicking 'Close' in the input options caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Layout Editor

In certain cases, switching from document edit mode to the layout editor caused the program to stop; this is now fixed.

User-Defined Objects

Smart symbols

Allplan's point snap stability for complex smart symbols with 2D display foils for geometry has been improved.

Views and Sections

In clipping paths with the 'soffit' option selected, the section object could only be modified once in the section using the handles; this has now been fixed.

When exchanging label styles that were created with 'Label Associatively', the link to the component is now retained again.

Structural framing

With the function 'Connection Toolbox' holes can now be created as PythonPart and also deleted again completely.


Smart catalogs with spaces in the code text, especially for material, are now read and evaluated correctly.


Matching individual room layers has been corrected. If the selected layer number does not exist in the room to be matched, then the first layer will be transferred.


Linear components can be created more quickly with the 'Railing' function.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

For labels with manual leaders, the attachment point of the leader to the label can now be changed again.

When creating schemas, the representation in the legend now remains unchanged again.

When modifying the mark number via the pallet or when rearranging marks, the mark number was not updated in an additional label on the total or partial schema; this has now been fixed.

Paste to original position of the complete drawing file content via clipboard has been improved.

The export of circular reinforcement to the bending machine in 'abs' format has been improved.

The 'Modify Placement function is now also possible in views and sections with resizing factors

Placements that were broken up with 'Stretch Entities' can now be combined into one placement again with 'Unite beams'.

Mesh Reinforcement

Additional labels of 2D meshes remain even after moving or rotating the meshes.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.


Several small improvements have been implemented in the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement', including the possibility to create hooks on the longitudinal bars for columns and to switch off edge reinforcements for walls.

Allplan International

The Extended Tooltip is now displayed for additional languages besides German and English.

For all languages except German and English, selecting the function 'Upload Model to Bimplus' caused the program to crash; this is now fixed.


The data in 'Export aSa' can now be generated in the new *.rdx format in addition to the previous *.tec format.

The 7 attributes 'Date / Time ...' and the attributes 'Loader ID' and 'Unloader ID' have been implemented in the attribute group 'Engineering' to record the time sequence from ordering to installation of the reinforcement.