Hotfix Allplan 2022-1-3

Release notes (06/09/2022)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Quality Reporter has been improved and enhanced for better analysis.

Allplan now starts faster.

MSI Setup

Data conversion of the wizards during reinstallation has been improved.


Lumion LiveSync

The Lumion LiveSync plugin has been localized for more languages. English is now used as the default language.



When exporting with resources, the drawing files associated with the loaded drawing files can now also be exported if they are not selected. If only the model or a linked drawing file is exported, the existing linked layouts are correctly updated after import.


The import of associatively linked drawing files with 'Import Drawing Files and Layouts with Resources to Project' or with the ProjectPilot has been improved. If only the model or a linked drawing file is exported, the existing linked layouts are updated correctly.


Layers are exported to Bimplus again without errors.



Transferring quantities to NEVARIS with 'batch reports' in the derived from building structure area has been improved.


When adding elements to already selected elements with 'Ctrl+Click', all elements are now set active together again.


Working with Angle Dimensioning when the ‘optimize working with large coordinates’ option is enabled has been improved.

User-Defined Objects

Label styles

Generating multi-line Label Styles has been improved.

Views and Sections

When multimodifying views and sections, the changed 'Pen/Line/Color from layer' settings are now taken into account for the display of format properties.

In sections in z-direction, the corresponding axes of an axis grid are now displayed even if the section is not quadrangular.

Structural framing

When changing the cross-section of structural framing objects, the label is now updated correctly again.

After modifying the model data or the reinforcement in views and sections, an existing axis grid is now updated correctly.


Unfinished structure

The 2D interaction in the plan display between components with different component bottom edges according to their priorities has been adjusted.

The display of junction and division lines between wall layers with different heights or different height associations is correct again according to the setting in the options.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

When exporting to the bending machine, identical shapes are now combined in one line for polygonal placements.

Modifying extended area reinforcement with 'Modify Placement Parameters' has been improved.

Mesh Reinforcement

Modifying the support depth of a mesh area reinforcement with 'Modify Placing Geometry' has been improved.

Display of mesh diagonals after polygonal cutting of meshes has been corrected.


The short name of the ERICO - LENTON reducing coupler EL4032A12N has been corrected in the item catalog.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.