Hotfix Allplan 2023-0-2

Release notes (12/14/2022)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

Data conversion via the Services application to earlier versions is working again.

After a new or upgrade installation, the Hotinfo message no longer appears when starting Allplan.



Importing certain OBJ- data caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

In the 'Import Attributes' tool, the 'Import attribute values' dialog reopens if you select the 'With dialog box for comparing data' option.

AutoCAD interface

During DWG export, views and sections are transferred correctly again.


Checking door openings with Solibri Inside now produces correct results even if you first export the Allplan model via IFC and then upload it to Bimplus.

Subdivision types of doors and windows are now uploaded to Bimplus.



Placing certain associative legends without content has been improved.

User interface

When using the 'Windows' setting for the color scheme and button design, the buttons for zooming in and out of parameter values are now displayed correctly.

The tool name in the dialog line, in the input options and in the sub-dialogs is now displayed completely and correctly when using high-resolution monitors.


In the 'Rotate' tool, you no longer see the design aids in the dialog line. This allows you to set the pivot point exactly again.

When you define patterns, the points entered will again be correctly snapped and placed.

You can work with a 3D mouse again as in the previous versions.

The direct object modification buttons and entry boxes are now displayed without overlapping when using high-resolution monitors.

In certain cases, you had to reopen the drawing file selection after changing the drawing file to see the latest changes to the drawing file correctly; this has now been fixed.


Importing projects in the project selection has been optimized for Mac computers.


For texts with text leaders that start at one of the eight attachment points, after changing the reference scale, moving the text, or modifying the text parameters, the text leaders are now displayed correctly.

For a text with different text heights in the individual text lines, the text wrap is now generated correctly.

If you modify text with the 'Modify text parameters', 'Replace text' and 'Text in lower case, upper case' tools, multi-text leaders are now updated correctly.

When copying and moving across documents with the target drawing file displayed, multi-text leaders are now displayed correctly in the preview.

If you copy drawing files across projects with the ProjectPilot, multitext leaders are now displayed correctly when changing the reference scale.


Creating multiple copies of associative dimensions has been improved.

You can now use the 'Change Ref Points' tool again for several dimension lines in one step.

Layout Editor

When using the 'PS Driver for Universal Print', going to the settings caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Deleting an existing file while specifying the path and name of the PDF file in the 'Export PDF Data' function caused the program to stop; this has now been fixed.

Selecting user-defined values for the plan attributes will be saved correctly again.

In certain cases, switching between layouts took a very long time; this has now been fixed.

In the 'Export PDF Data' tool, you can now select layouts again by loading a favorite.

If the definition of the output area in the function 'Print Layouts' is terminated with Esc, the display of views and sections in the plan now remains unchanged.


Assigning surfaces after deleting already assigned surfaces in the Explorer has been improved.

The depth of field in the view type 'RTRender' has been adjusted to the animation and rendering with CINEWARE.

If displaying the window content in Vulkan mode causes problems, you will now see a corresponding message.

The tool 'Mount 3D Model in Image' is executed correctly again.

The soft shadow is displayed correctly again in the animation.


Several improvements have been made to the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement' and 'Civil Engineering'.

When modifying PythonParts with reinforcement of the type 'Extrude Bars Along Path' or 'Sweep Bars Along Path', the reinforcement was not always modified as well; this has now been fixed.

The current PythonParts documentation is now installed with the Allplan setup. You can find it in the following directories:

  • ...\Etc\PythonPartsFramework\PythonPartsDoc for general PythonParts documentation. This is started via the file 'index.html'. New features are described in the chapter 'Release Notes'.
  • ...\Etc\PythonPartsFramework\InterfaceDoc for the Allplan Python API.

Urban planning

The support of XPlanung for Germany announced for the release of Allplan 2023 is now available as a 'technical preview'. For this purpose, we have added the 'Xplanning' tool to the 'Urban Planning' task area.

Views and Sections

When multi-modifying views and sections, the labeling is now correctly adjusted when you match properties.

When moving architectural components across documents, associative labeling and dimensioning in views and sections are now updated correctly.

We have improved 3D objects in views and sections that were dimensioned later.

For fixtures in views and sections without loaded model data, you will see the correct shortcut menu again.

In sections with the 'soffit' option selected, the 2D foils of fixtures are now displayed correctly.

Structural framing

When mirroring inclined structural framing beams and braces, the existing angles of the beam ends now remain unchanged.

Connecting structural framing beams and braces with the 'Join Linear Component with Line' tool now also works when working with large coordinates.

The 'Connection Toolbox' has been extended and improved.

Mirrored structural framing columns with arbitrarily inclined cross-section areas are now correctly displayed in the floor plan.

Structural framing objects with holes and arbitrarily inclined cross-sectional areas no longer lead to defective data in previous versions.


Unfinished structure

When modifying the roof area via the 'Properties' palette, changes are now taken into account immediately.

When modifying complex openings with rabbet and facing, the facing was duplicated; this has now been fixed.

When modifying openings, facings are now adjusted correctly.

Modifying the type of swing of openings via the 'Properties' palette has been improved.

Using the 'Show, Hide Junctions' tool has been improved.


It is now easier to match finish coverings with the 'Match' function in the 'Layer' area from another room with a larger number of layers of the respective covering.

In certain cases, finishing surfaces in the area of openings were not cut out; this has now been fixed.


In the Stair Modeler, the tool icons in the 'Shape' area are now displayed according to the 'icon size' set in the configuration.



For the manufacturer Schöck, we have updated the data and added a German report.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

When exporting and importing drawing files with resources, issues with leaders cropped up here and there; this has now been fixed.

When deleting the section object of sections with any viewing direction, associated unplaced bars or meshes were not deleted correctly, this has now been fixed.

The 'Copy and Rotate' function has been improved for reinforcing bars and meshes; also, the function abort with Esc now no longer causes any issues.

Bar reinforcement

Working with several different steel grades has been improved.

Direct object modification of the diameter of a single bar of a placement has been improved.

In certain cases, the 'automatic/vertical' setting for the text leader in the placement text caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

After selecting a placement in the object palette, it was possible that an error occurred during subsequent direct object modification; this has now been fixed.

Mesh Reinforcement

When 2D meshes are placed in span, the placing polygon is now displayed again.

The mesh edge marker has been improved for the typical edit functions (move, rotate, mirror...).

In certain cases, automatic mesh labeling resulted in incorrect data; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, when copying meshes in the global view, leaders from other views or sections were also copied; this has now been fixed.


In certain cases, when executing the function 'Split bars and create coupler connection', the result was an incorrect plan display of the coupling bars; this has now been fixed.

For the manufacturer 'BarSplice', you can now select the same elements to create couplers to schemas as well as to placements.
For the manufacturer 'Dayton Superior', we improved the selection of couplers according to the selected function as well as individual parameters of the couplers.

To access the latest catalog, you may need to update the currently installed Allplan version, restart the MSI setup, select the 'Repair' option and select the respective manufacturer 'Dayton Superior' and/or 'BarSplice' under 'Manufacturer-specific user data' for the installation.

Precast Elements

When working with the 'Fixture from Article Catalog' tool, interdependent parameters were not updated correctly for a specific user catalog; this has now been fixed.

When copying and deleting precast elements, the dimensioning of views and sections is now updated correctly.

The Smart Converter now no longer displays a field for the bending pin factor for the last bar segment. The bending pin factor for the hooks is defined separately.

The output of ADS lists via list generation has been improved.

You will now receive a related message if the previously used and saved hardlock is not found when working with an Allplan softlock license.


Selecting iWalls has been sped up.

Creating and modifying iWalls with automatically generated fixtures has been accelerated.

The mark number is now displayed in sections even if the associated model data is not loaded.

In views and sections, surfaces at the front of walls are now immediately displayed correctly.

If you created iWalls without ending with Esc, you could not hide the reinforcement in the plan display; this has now been fixed.

Structural Precast Elements

When exploding structural precast elements, associated views and sections are now updated correctly.

Element Plan

When opening the element plan, a plausibility check is now performed to avoid possible crashes.

You can now no longer close the element plan window by selecting the window arrangement '1 window' if a previously selected function was not closed.

Handling passive reinforcement in element plan has been improved.

You can now dimension hollow parts in walls independently of openings and recesses. In this case, you can also completely do without the dimensioning.

In the element plan, you can change the format properties of the dimension lines again in the 'Properties' palette after clicking on them twice for selection.


In the layout catalog, settings must now be entered in imperial units if the length entry is defined accordingly.


The message you saw when starting TIM via the Wibu License Explorer now no longer appears.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

The English onboarding for Visual Scripting is now correct and complete.


When working with the SIA standard, some hooks were displayed as square when only one hook was at the beginning of a bar; this has now been fixed.


In certain cases, working with large scales caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.