Hotfix Allplan 2023-0-4

Release notes (01/25/2023)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.


Allplan Share

Data conversion of drawing files from previous versions in Allplan Share projects has been optimized.


The project attribute 'Survey Point Angle' in the 'Georeferencing' group is now exported correctly.

IFC Interface

The type 'IfcRailwayPart' is now available for export.


Attributes imported from wizards with resources are now correctly linked to the object.

Long formulas were truncated during attribute import; this has now been fixed.

User interface

When using the 'Windows' setting for the color scheme and icon design, the 'Actionbar' tab in the 'Configuration' dialog is now displayed correctly.

The icon at the cursor when selecting 'Global point' in the dialog line is now displayed correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

The startup screen display when using high-resolution monitors has been improved.

Dialog boxes are now displayed in correct size when using high-resolution monitors.

The tool name in the dialog line, in the input options and in the sub-dialogs is now displayed completely and correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

In certain cases, the function icons were not displayed in the 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis: ...' and 'Select drawing file' dialog boxes when using high-resolution monitors; this has now been fixed.

In the title bar, you can now access the 'Privacy notices' via the 'Help' pull-down menu.


Texture rendering after DTM rendering has been improved.



When converting data via the Services application to earlier versions, multi leaders are now converted correctly.

User-Defined Objects

Label styles

Aligning label styles with the 'Align' tool in reference scale 1:100 works correctly again.


Modifying PythonParts via the handles has been improved.

Views and Sections

When executing the 'Convert View to 2D' tool, automatically generated dimensioning is not taken into account.

When generating views and sections in the building structure, the dialog box for setting the dimension line parameters was not displayed; this has now been fixed.

The 'Copy and rotate' as well as the 'Copy along element' of views and sections together with the model data has been improved.

Structural framing

The 'Connection Toolbox' has been extended and improved.


When canceling the function 'Split Surface Elements, Archit. Elements' with Esc, labels are now saved.

When changing the height with the 'Change Archit. Properties' function, the correct values are now applied when using 'Match properties'.

In the options, the catalog 'katlg1' is now set by default instead of the catalog 'Allplan_BCM' in the 'Catalog assignment'.

Unfinished structure

When creating slab recesses with reference to an existing wall point, they are placed correctly again.


The area visualization is now displayed correctly again if there are walls inside the room.


Assigning a free surface to a roof covering has been improved.

If a value other than 100% is set in the display settings for the scaling, you can insert and delete points again for the gambrel roof profile.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

You can now use the input fields of the direct object modification also for placements with attributes.

Mesh Reinforcement

In certain cases, the dimensioned bending shapes of 2D meshes were not displayed in the 'Mesh reinforcement.rdlc' report; this has now been fixed.

Reinforcement views

When importing symbols with reinforcement views, they were not always converted to the data structure of the new views and sections; this has now been fixed.

When importing drawing files with resources from older versions several times, the reinforcement views were no longer converted after the second import; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, partial schemas were lost when converting data from reinforcement views to views and sections; this has now been fixed.

Precast Elements


The extra cost for charging the concrete grade in the lists now works for all slab types.


TIM data export with hidden reinforcement in the installation plan has been improved.

In the Data Explorer, we have added the entry 'Reinforcement' to the element selection.

In the Import Manager we removed the old import settings for UniCAM.

In the planning calendar, we improved the color display for element groups.

In certain cases the IntegrationService led to wrong results; this is now fixed.

In the status configuration you can now no longer create entries with identical names.


Improved element label in the taskbar.

Execution of construction work

The 'Site facilities (Connect)' function now calls up the right content for the version.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

The onboarding for Visual Scripting was displayed incorrectly in some languages; this is now fixed.

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

Opening the dialog box for specifying section properties when creating a section in the element plan with the reinforcement views caused the program to crash in all languages except German; this has now been fixed.