Hotfix Allplan 2023-0-5

Release notes (02/15/2023)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

The Quality Reporter has been improved and enhanced for even better analysis.

In certain cases, closing Allplan with the objects palette open caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Services application

When converting projects with the hotline tool 'datwaprjs', user attributes and self-created project attributes are now preserved.

You can now back up projects with names that start with a "-" again.

MSI Setup

During an update, the data is now updated correctly even if the 'Central file storage folder' is located on a network drive or if it has been moved there from a local folder.

The Teamviewer is now updated correctly during the automatic update.

During silent installation, the setup window is no longer displayed.


Allplan Share

The attribute IDs are now assigned correctly in Allplan Share.

The planes are now assigned correctly in Allplan Share.

AutoCAD interface

During DWG export, certain 3D objects were transferred as 3D surfaces; this has now been fixed.

During DWG export, identical attributes in label images are now transferred correctly.


When exporting from Bimplus, the 'IFC object type' of multi-layer components is now ignored, just as in the IFC export.

IFC Interface

When exporting installation components, the quantities are now transferred correctly.

When exporting smart symbols of the technical building equipment, the colors are now transferred correctly.

The 'ViewDefinition' is now correctly transferred in the header during export.

The export of polygonized cylinders has been improved.

With IFC4 Reference View, colors are now imported correctly.


For steel sections placed with the CDS plugin, the 'Length' and 'Height' attributes are now output correctly, regardless of the inclination of the cross-section.

In certain cases, entries were duplicated in the IFC_Object Type selection menu; this has now been fixed.



In the 'Room groups' report, the entry for 'Designation/ qualities' is now output even if the display of the graphic is deactivated.


All legends have now been completely converted to the current version.

We have improved the conversion of user-defined legends to the current version.



In the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter', the assignment of an attribute for the back of the support was added for the basement riser. The height of the surface is displayed here and in the 'Landing bottom' tab.

In the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter', the lateral supports on the landing top are now modeled correctly.

In the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter', the reinforcement content for landing top, flight, and landing bottom is now displayed in the 'Reinforcement generator' tab. The shape generator determines where the calculated as-value is applied.

User interface

When selecting the setting 'default configuration - classic', the check mark is now displayed again.

When changing the number of monitors, certain dialogs were displayed outside the workspace; this has now been fixed.

When assigning surfaces, the icon for changing the external path is now available again when using high-resolution monitors.

Dialog boxes are now displayed in correct size when using high-resolution monitors.

The tool name in the dialog line, in the input options and in the sub-dialogs is now displayed completely and correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

The pipette is now displayed in the correct position at the crosshairs when using high-resolution monitors.

In the 'Label associatively' tool, the icon and the drop-down for 'Material' and 'Area' are now displayed at the correct position when using high-resolution monitors.

After deactivating the building structure/ derivations in the 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis ...' dialog box, the drawing file selection is no longer changed after reopening the dialog box and selecting the building structure/derivations.

Hatching and patterns in dialog boxes are now displayed recognizably again when using high-resolution monitors.

Texts in dialog boxes and palettes are now displayed in correct size when using high-resolution monitors.

If dialogs are opened outside the screen, they can be moved back to the main screen with the shortcut 'ALT+space'.


When changing the drawing file status in the Object palette, the visibility setting now remains unchanged.

Custom stroke types with text and/or endpoint are now generated correctly.

You can now start and use the quantity indicator in Allplan again.

Directional area activation of 2D elements from left to right has been accelerated.

In certain cases, an incorrect message was displayed when selecting lines and style areas in the wizard; this has now been fixed.

Layout Editor

When using Allplan Exchange, the U.S. standard section symbols are now fully displayed in the pdf.

Saving plans as a pdf file with the window toolbar displayed has been accelerated.


When changing the quality in the options in Vulkan mode, in certain cases a background was not fully displayed in the animation window; this has now been fixed.


Several improvements have been made to the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement' and 'Civil Engineering'.

Views and Sections

When creating fixtures in views and sections of selected elements, they are now displayed during and after creation.

When removing elements in views and sections, labels of fixtures are now preserved.

Moving and copying of sections has been improved.

You can now correctly snap points from 2D fixture foils in views and sections.

After converting views and sections to construction, the 2D data is correctly recognized in the 'Properties' palette and it is no longer linked to the view/section.

Structural framing

When connecting structural objects, the correct position is now checked and corrected if necessary.

The 'Connection Toolbox' has been extended and improved.


Unfinished structure

When creating window and smart door symbols, the graphics of the 3D view are now displayed in full when using high-resolution monitors.

Using the wizard to open the ‘Conversion for Building Alteration Work' tool and then applying it to a part in the drawing file has been improved.


When creating a roof panel from the wizard, the user attributes are now applied correctly.


The quality of Allplan has further been improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

When rearranging marks, the tolerance input value and its calculation when comparing positions has been improved.

You can now match a bar shape to another view or section using the 'Convert, Match Elements' tool again.

If the bend to the last segment of a bending shape had a changed bending pin, the last segment was ignored when exporting to the bending machine; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, direct object modification of placements resulted in duplicate bars; this has now been fixed.

After the pieces for partial and total extracts were checked in the 'Element Information' tool, elements created afterwards were not displayed on the screen or were displayed incorrectly; this has now been fixed.

Precast Elements

When exporting reinforcement without an associated precast element to IFC, you will no longer receive an error message.


In the secondary reinforcement, the last defined value for the concrete cover is now noted again.

The lattice girder height calculation for precast slabs now also takes into account the girder assignment according to 'Lattice girder catalog'.

Precast Elements

When modifying the PythonPart, the attributes in the linked Precast element are now updated correctly.

When copying Precast elements with closed element plan, a message about reinforcement views was displayed; this is now fixed.

Element Plan

When placing bar shapes in the element plan, the dimensioning and labeling are now placed to the correct view.

You can now also apply the functions 'Divide bars' and 'Join bars' to bar placements in the element plan.

Production Planning

When importing PXML data, original folders were sometimes deleted even if keeping the folders was set; this is now fixed.


You can now use the current mTIM service.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.