Release Allplan 2023-1

Due to the integration of the Redshift Renderer, the size of the installation package has increased by 1GB.

Release notes service release Allplan 2023-1 (04/19/2023)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

MSI Setup

If the system requirements are not met during the installation, you can now install the software at your own risk after confirmation. Furthermore, you can now view the result of the system test.



We have made several improvements to the 'Road' plugin.

  • Unambiguous localization of axes on Allplan drawing files.
  • End-to-end compatibility of the native JSON format in different versions of Allplan.
  • Standard check Adjusted texts for checks and improved visualization of design speed.
  • Improvements to the diagram display of the vertical axis editor.



In certain cases, the 'Issue Manager' palette could not be loaded after downloading a reference model from Bimplus in ‘Default Arrangement - Classic'; this has now been fixed.


In certain cases, the message 'File size reached' popped up when exporting drawing files with resources; this has now been fixed.

IFC Interface

In IFC export, attribute mapping has been improved.


Revit data is no longer imported as a Technical Preview.



Reports are now available for the evaluation of bored pile and soldier pile walls.


In certain cases the index entries were not sorted correctly; this is now fixed.

User interface

Improved mouse wheel navigation and flight modes.

The dialog box Find of the Actionbar configuration is now always displayed in the foreground.

The tool name in the dialog line, in the input options and in the sub-dialogs is now displayed completely and correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

The icons in the options dialog are now displayed correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

The preview images in the 'Element for Fit' function are now displayed correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

In the pull-down menu of the Allplan symbol or in the 'File' menu, we have added the entry 'Utilities'. Here, you can analyze defective data and repair it automatically. Please make sure to back up the project before using this function. After running this function, it will show you how many issues have been fixed. All information is saved in a log file at \usr\local\DataHealing. We are planning to extend the features in the next major release.

In certain cases, some tooltips were displayed with a black background; this is now fixed.


When working with the unit 'feet', you can now choose between 'International Feet' and 'US Survey Feet' as input type.


When importing drawing files repeatedly, your text pointers are now updated correctly when you modify them.

Layout Editor

In certain cases, the program stopped when users opened planning; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, switching from document editing to layout editor caused the program to crash when loading non-current drawing files with views and sections; this has now been fixed.

User-Defined Objects

Label styles

When copying across documents, the label styles are assigned correctly again.


We have improved the recognition of identical SmartParts when modifying them.


Macs with ARM processor on Parallels that do not support the Cineware/Redshift renderer will no longer have these renderers available for selection. Users will be notified accordingly when exporting and importing to Cinema 4D.

When rendering single images, you can now additionally select 'Redshift' as 'Renderer'. The info box displays the Cineware and Redshift versions.

The render window now shows the renderer used. The hyperlink at the bottom of the window provides relevant information about the renderer used.

In the 'Visualize' task, the 'Twinmotion' task area was enhanced with corresponding functions.

In the Render tool, the correct settings are now entered when you select 'Restore basic settings'.

If AVX is not supported on a computer, Cineware can currently not be used there.


We have made several improvements to the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement' and 'Construction'.

Urban planning

Version 5.4 with various improvements and enhancements is now available for the 'Xplanning' function. You can no longer select the function in an empty project.

Views and Sections

When selecting elements with the selection rectangle with views and sections in reference mode, the view/section is now no longer taken into account.

When removing labeled elements from views and sections, the label is now also removed.

When the basic reinforcement for precast elements is switched to passive, the label is now deleted as well.

The status of precast layers for reinforcement defined in the 'Layer filter' is now correctly taken into account when displaying elements.

For views and sections with associative dimensioning, you can now use the function 'Show Clipping Path'.

In views and sections in x and y direction, rotated fixtures were not selected via the selection rectangle; this has now been fixed.

Structural framing

We have also improved the use of profiles from the Nemetschek profile catalog for the cross-section of structural objects.


Unfinished structure

For multi-layer walls with layers of different heights, patterns are now displayed correctly again.

Since independent functions are available for the gate SmartParts, the previous function has now been renamed 'Door SmartPart'.

Polygonal niches saved as symbols in Allplan 2022 with the 'Display lintel, parapet line' option enabled are now fully displayed in Allplan 2023 after data conversion.


When creating rooms, demolition and new building objects are taken into account again correctly.

The volume of rooms under gable roofs defined by means of roof areas is now correctly output in reports.


We have updated the data for manufacturer Schöck. In addition, a new BIM plugin 'Leviat' is available.


The quality of Allplan has further been improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Performance has been improved when copying reinforcement.

Bar reinforcement

For small bending angles, the angle label was not generated in the schema; this has now been fixed.

When using the 'Modify Placement' tool, the concrete covers at the beginning and end of the placing line are now preserved again.

Length calculation for bars with circular segments has been improved.

Reinforcement views

After data conversion of reinforcement views, the clipping lines are now preserved.

Precast Elements


When creating transport anchors according to 'Method 2' and 'Method 3', a 'Factor' can now no longer have '0'.

The 'FF reinforcement' of the 'Additional reinforcement' is created again with the correct layer.

The calculation of the Schöck Isolink connecting elements for the wall layers has been improved.

Precast Elements

Using label images for automatic labeling of Precast elements has been improved.

Production Planning

For precast elements with negative angles for the span direction of reinforcement, the NC data is now generated correctly.

When generating the Unitechnik data for iWalls, the designation from the brick/tile catalog is now used instead of the designation from the concrete catalog for the 'Grade of the layer', if required.


When updating to the current version, the dynamic stack list settings are now preserved.

UniCAM import has been improved.

In the process settings, you can reopen the configuration window for setting the files to be printed.

In the single plate layout, recesses that are located in the connection area of walls are now output correctly in terms of number of pieces.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

The privacy notice is now called up in the set language. If there is no localization, the privacy notice is displayed in English.


The label styles for layout labels have been improved and enhanced. Furthermore, the legends for precast elements have been extended.