Hotfix Allplan 2023-1-1

Release notes (05/23/2023)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

Operating Allplan 2023-1 required a high physical memory; this has now been fixed.

The security standard for sending crash reports has been improved.

In certain cases, closing the welcome dialog caused the program to stop; this is now fixed.



Several improvements have been implemented for the 'Road' plugin.

  • Copying axes.
  • Simplified template assignment.
  • Area requirements template: Optimized calculation tolerance when exceeding the line delimiting the edge of the terrain.
  • Polygonalized 3D axis representation without template assignment.
  • Limits: In case of multiple solutions (two or more points of intersection on boundary axis) the calculation stops at the first intersection point.
  • Corrected IFC ID and IFC attribute assignment.
  • Corrected coordinate transformation for cadastral data import.
  • Optimized workflow for matching terrain points and assigning break lines.



Formula attributes with data type 'Number' can now be evaluated in the report.



In the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter', you can now open the country-specific directories when saving and loading favorites for reinforcement and fixtures.

The localization of the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter' was improved.

User interface

When working with older AMD graphics boards, connection lines were sometimes displayed in the wizard and layout editor when zooming in; this has now been fixed.

When changing the drawing file selection in the building structure, you could see selected drawing files in the objects derived from building structure even if the 'derivations' were not selected; this has now been fixed.

The tool name in the dialog line, in the input options and in the sub-dialogs is now displayed completely and correctly when using high-resolution monitors.

In certain cases, when executing the 'Copy, Move Elements between Documents' tool, elements were no longer displayed on the workspace after selecting the target drawing file; this has now been fixed.


Modifying seams of a polygonal 3D solid or 3D surface with the 'Modify Edge Offset' function has been improved.



When converting the data of a curve dimension created in Allplan 2021, the lengths of the radii are now retained.

When mirroring and rotating the dimension, the defined position is now retained.

Data conversion of radian lines created in previous versions has been improved.

Layout Editor

When starting the tool 'Layout and Project Attributes', the existing lock file of the active layout will now be kept again.

Repeatedly opening the 'Legend, Title Block' tool without setting the selected legend caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

You can delete formats and display parameters of layout borders that you created yourself.


When working with older AMD graphics cards, rendering with Redshift in Vulkan mode was not possible; this is now fixed.

Metal surfaces are now rendered more realistically in Cineware rendering.

The versions of Cineware and Redshift have been updated.


We have made several improvements to the PythonParts for 'Automatic Reinforcement' and 'Construction'.

Urban planning

Importing texts for 'Xplanning' has been improved.

Views and Sections

Repairing data in case of defective associative sections has been improved.

For height-related placement of smart symbols from the standard library, the floor structure is now taken into account in views and sections, even in case of subsequent changes.

In certain cases, modifying the height of windows with facing caused the program to crash; this is now fixed.


Unfinished structure

When connecting beams to a roof plane, the intersection with walls works correctly again.

When creating polygonal slab openings, the placement was based on the planes of the drawing file starting with the second opening; this has now been fixed.

Creating walls with the 'Entity-based component' setting along a composite element has been improved.


Creating multi-layer floor coverings has been improved. You can now correct defective data using the 'Data repair' function integrated in Allplan 2023-1.

Whether the value for the upper offset of finishing vertical surfaces in the room is set perpendicularly or vertically to the top level now depends on the setting 'Offset perpendicular/vertical' for the height of the top level of the room.


In the 'Railing Properties' dialog box, the 'Align >>' button in the 'Position/Size' area again allows you to align elements with other elements.



Since Halfen is now part of Leviat, the task area 'HALFEN' has been renamed to 'LEVIAT' and the range of functions adjusted accordingly.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

The color of manually created leaders was not always displayed correctly when using the 'Color from layer' setting; this is now fixed.

Mesh Reinforcement

In certain cases, the segment labels of mesh schemas had incorrect segment numbers; this has now been corrected.

Reinforcement views

Data conversion of symbols with reinforcement views has been improved.

Precast Elements

The list output in the list generator as well as in TIM has been extended.

In the menu 'Create --> Precast --> Stacking' the function 'Stacking' is now available again. You can also add the tool to the 'Actionbar' via the 'Actionbar Configurator'.


The corner connections for sandwich and thermal walls have been expanded and improved.


When unifying updates in the background with the ImportService, the CSV file is now generated correctly.

Opening the list generator and transferring the production data has been accelerated.


After an auto update to Allplan 2023-1, the functions 'Tower crane', 'Capacity checker' and 'Placement along path' could no longer be started; this has now been fixed.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.