Release Allplan 2024-1

Release notes service release Allplan 2024-1 (04/10/2024)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

Data protection regulations have been updated.


This hotfix updates the WIBU licensing of Allplan.

MSI Setup

The ‘Meva Mammut XT’ and ‘Peri Trio’ formwork systems are now available in the ‘Formwork’ area during installation.

Troubleshooting has been improved in silent installation.


If the ‘Automated Connections’ are installed then the auto-update leads to an error message; this has now been fixed.


Allplan Share

The locking symbol is shown correctly once again in the building structure.


Office standards with special characters can also now be uploaded.

In certain cases, an error occurred when uploading the office standard into the cloud; this has now been fixed.

IFC Interface

The height values of any structural level are now transferred correctly.


The new ‘LCA’ task area is available to check the ecological footprint of the construction in question. This provides an immediate evaluation of sustainability on the One Click LCA website.


Updating of passively loaded drawing files in the workgroup has been improved.

Changing the data path of a work group to another one in the same server has been improved.



Evaluation of IBD rooms with the ‘Quantities IBD.rdlc’ report lead to an error message; this has now been fixed.

Exporting attributes with a user-defined report led to no results in certain cases; this has now been fixed.

Reports are now available for the evaluation of ground anchors, sheet pile walls and formwork elements.

The base is now stated in accordance with DIN 277 in the living space reports.


Sheet pile wall profiles are now available in the Nemetschek profile catalog.

User interface

Check boxes are occasionally shown in duplicate in the Properties palette when working with the Windows color scheme; this has now been fixed.

When creating drawing files and layouts, the write permissions of the user are set automatically and cannot be deselected.

Working with the BIMcollab palette regarding color, transparency and visibility of objects has been improved. In addition, it is possible to return back to the default state.

Zooming in on selected elements in the ‘Objects’ palette now also works for objects in collision control.

Administration of write permissions for drawing files in the building structure is simplified by the introduction of user groups. Determining write permissions is only possible when working in the workgroup.

Write permission for drawing files in the building structure can now be issued also for empty drawing files.

Write permission can now also be issued for several selected drawing files in a single step.


The values for ‘soft clash’ and ‘hard clash’ are taken into account correctly in the collision check.

The preview has been improved for the rotated placement of elements from the library or the wizards.

Deletion of elements by selecting elements based on direction was not possible in certain cases, or took a long time; this has now been fixed.

Selection and de-selection of drawing files with associated links and differing reference scales has been accelerated.

Collision control objects now have a text attribute that can be added by the user.

Export and import of BCF filesis now possible in the ‘BIM collab’ palette. As a result, it is possible to work offline.

A reset button is added to the ‘BIMcollab’ palette, which restores the default settings of the objects (visibility, transparency, color) in the object palette.


In the case of certain user authorizations, freely created projects are no longer listed after selecting ‘My Projects’ in ‘Project and Resource Management’ and are deleted when linked once again; this has now been fixed.

When it comes to the projects stored under ‘My Projects’, it is no longer possible to delete them via the context menu.

When saving available free projects, the query dialog is always shown in the foreground.

Layout Editor

Upon repeated allocation of a CAD project to a web project, entries in company selection are duplicated; this has now been fixed.

Data conversion from drawing frames and headers that were created via the ‘Set Up Page’ tool in previous versions is now correct.

Support for single-sign-on was added to the Exchange dialog.

The email address is now displayed with users that are not yet verified in the contacts on Allplan Exchange.

If the Internet or server are not available when logging into Allplan Exchange then a notification is displayed to this effect.

User-Defined Objects


Matching user-defined ceiling opening SmartParts from the wizard has been improved.


We have made several improvements to the PythonParts for 'Civil engineering' and 'Wall Forming'.

We have made several improvements to the PythonParts for 'Excavation Pit'.

The PythonPart for ‘Noise protection wall’ is now available for the Germany region.

Saving the window content as a pixel image has been enabled for the Python API.

Views and Sections

When copying clipping paths within views and sections via the building structure, drawing file references are not created correctly; this has now been fixed.

The ‘Section Along Curve’ tool now works with curved PythonParts.

Structural framing

We have made several improvements to the PythonParts for 'Automated connections’ and accelerated it.


Unfinished structure

Problems with assigning attributes have been fixed in the 'Create wall openings' and 'Creating slab openings' tools, whilst performance and stability have been improved.

Deletion of 3D objects that were used to create openings via the 'Create wall openings' and 'Creating slab openings’ tools has been accelerated.

All associated objects were selected after copying a wall sign; this has now been fixed.


The fittings are now correctly placed on door and window elements.


The quality of Allplan has further been improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

The reinforcement model was not adapted when modifying extractions with ‘Stretch Entities’; this has now been fixed.

The British Standard was revised and has been adapted to BS 8666 2020. This relates to the calculation of length, the shape code, the shape code manager and the reports.

Bar reinforcement

When modifying a reinforcement the scale could unintentionally change; this has now been fixed.

Export of bars bent in three dimensions to the bending machine has been improved.

New shape code rules have been added for bars that are bent in several places or circular bars that have a hook.

In certain cases, the hooks were not rounded off on circular bars; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases 2D point placements were shifted at random during modifications; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, the bending pins on circular bars were not shown correctly in the isometric view; this has now been fixed.

New shape code rules have been added to describe the arc height and the arc of a circular bar.

Precast elements


Creation of transport anchors in brick walls was improved.

Construction Planning

The ‘Sheet Pile Wall’ tool is now available as a technical preview in the ‘Terrain’ task within the ‘Civil Engineering’ task area.

After processing an excavation pit then after changing the language when selecting a tool, several messages appear; this has now been fixed.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the 'Allplan Bridge' plug-in. Details