Hotfix Allplan 2024-1-2

Release notes (05/08/2024)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

Allplan starts on Mac with standard parallels installation again.

In converted projects from Allplan 2023, the modification via the Properties palette caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

MSI Setup

If the path for central file storage contains the ‘&’ symbol, an upgrade installation or first-time installation with data transfer was not possible; this has now been fixed.

For layout mode, all of the files included in the setup are now downloaded, even if they already exist on the computer.


Allplan Share

Locking a large number of drawing files now functions again.

In certain cases, structural nodes were duplicated when generating Allplan Share projects; this has now been fixed.


When calculating the area of components, openings are now correctly taken into account.


The message "Unknown Computer" no longer appears in the Workgroup when starting Allplan.

User interface

When copying to drawing files that are already in use across documents, the drawing file content of the target drawing file was not displayed; this has now been fixed.

User-Defined Objects

Smart symbols

Modifying the geometry of a single Smart symbol foil with the 'Modify Smart Symbol' function resulted in data loss in custom macros with the Properties palette open; this has now been fixed.


In certain cases, selecting the target drawing file in the Fileset structure in the ‘Photo for Sun Study' function caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


Unfinished structure

When modifying the opening width via the direct object modification, previously moved object labels were displayed in duplicate or in previous positions; this has now been fixed.


When generating a Roof Frame, the walls underneath are now correctly adjusted again without running 'Restore 3D View’.


The quality of Allplan has further been improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Precast elements


If the 'Join Shuttering Board' option is enabled when entering values for the Fwk areas, touching boards with identical color are combined in a single formwork element.

List generator

In the standard 'ADS interface KSTP' list the 'StahlGes' variable has now been added.

Special customer lists for invoicing and the measurement sheet for the slab have been adjusted.

To output the Smart symbols in a slab recess, the ‘Smart symbolOutput’ variable has been added in the 'Slab measurement sheet’ standard list.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the 'Allplan Bridge' plug-in. Details