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Usage of Allplan in structural rehabilitation of reinforced concrete arch bridge



About the Speaker


Francesco Fanigliulo, Structural Engineer, Studio di Ingegneria delle Strutture, Italy

Francesco Fanigliulo is a Structural Engineer, and the owner of “Studio di Ingegneria delle Strutture” since 1998. Always interested in innovation, he immediately implemented, in his projects, object-oriented design and, eventually, BIM. He has carried out numerous interventions on reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel in the context of structures with a spatial frame, such as multi-storey buildings, bridges and viaducts, both in Italy and abroad. Expert designer in areas with a high seismic risk (Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia), he implemented FEM structural models on various structural calculation software. Connoisseur of the BIM system, it has become one of the most important standards in his projects. The rehabilitation, improvement and seismic adaptation of bridges and viaducts in seismic zones are his foremost interest.