bim+ is a powerful tool for cross-system and interdisciplinary cooperation. bim+ is open to all software in the construction sector, collaboration via standard formats such as IFC and BCF – or via the API programming interface. With bim+, you can merge submodels from the different disciplines and then analyze them. The Task Board ensures efficient task management and easy access to bim+ via mobile devices enables location independent working. bim+ provides optimum support for BIM working methods.

  • Open to any construction industry software.

  • Access your projects anywhere, anytime.

  • Supports BIM working methods.


bim+ allows you to implement building projects faster, more cost effectively and with improved quality. Faster thanks to simultaneous, location independent access for all stakeholders to the current planning status and defined tasks. More costeffective and improved quality, because planning discrepancies can be detected before construction starts and be eliminated in time.

  • FASTER: Compliance with deadlines with quick, clear coordination processes

  • BETTER: Increased planning quality through early detection of errors and troubleshooting

  • MORE COST EFFECTIVE Greater cost security through avoidance of expensive planning mistakes

Control bim projects efficiently

Using BIM working methods, bim+ allows you to control and monitor building projects over a building‘s entire life cycle. As a BIM Manager, you run an efficient project management. You are kept up to date and always able to track open and closed tasks.

Integrate data from various systems

The decisive advantage of bim+ is that you can incorporate data from any construction industry software via the API interface in bim+. The information contained is merged with a central coordination model and represented visually. This forms the basis for successful project management.

Communicate tasks clearly

The central coordination model forms the basis for cross-disciplinary collaboration: Here, all relevant information flows together and discrepancies are immediately visible to all. In this way, bim+ helps with collision detection. Discrepancies identified in this way now need to be cleared up. You can use the Task Board in bim+ to quickly and clearly coordinate the tasks with all project stakeholders. The important thing here is that the individual planners maintain full control over their own sub-models.

Access project data anywhere and anytime

What if an issue occurs when you are not at the office? No problem: You can access bim+ at any time and from anywhere, and with any end device. You can visualize, share and process data via a browser or an app. bim+ is wherever you need it.

This is what bim+ contains:

Here you can see the complete range of free services offered by bim+: PDF Download

You can view the various user rights and user roles here: bim+ user rights (PDF)

Partners & Developers


Are you a developer and want to use our SDK or API for your applications? You can view the documentation on bim+ here:

User Handbook, Updates & Support.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us directly.

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