The quick introduction to the operating philosophy of Allplan

Import the Hello Allplan! project and accompany us on the way from the creation of the model to the output of reinforcement drawings. The Hello Allplan! videos are tailored to the project and take you on a tour of the many possibilities of the model-based design approach.

What you need to watch the Hello Allplan! films on your computer:


1. BIM software: To execute, you need Allplan 2021, e.g. as a TEST VERSION (system requirements)

2. Adobe Reader: to display PDF files you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

3. Project data: the project data is available as Allplan project backup. Included is a little instruction on how you can easily and quickly import these into Allplan. Hello-Allplan-2021-project-data


Hello Allplan! Lessons

Look and Feel

> Welcome Screen
> New Project
> Building Structure
> Floor Manager
> Drawing Files

User Interface

> Actionbar
> Palettes
> Allplan Frame
> Options

Import Project

> Create Project Backup
> Copy Project
> Rename Project
> Delete Project
> Import Project

Import PDF

> Export PDF
> Import PDF

Ground Floor

> Walls
> Doors and Windows
> Stairs
> Rooms and Story
> Foundations
> Slab

Upper Floor

> Walls
> Doors and Windows
> Rooms
> Parapet
> Parapet Sheet
> Vertical Surface


> Roof Frame
> Roof Covering
> Green Roof

Views and Sections

> Create Views
> Create Sections
> Views and Sections in the Building Structure
> Sections in the Animation Window
> Isometric and free Views

Layout creation

> Wall Dimensioning
> Set Page, Layout border and Title block
> Insert Drawings
> Superordinate Format Settings
> Print and Export Settings


> Load Model Data
> Influence Visibility of Model Data
> Choose and Create Reports


> Bimplus account
> Uploading data
> BIM Explorer
> Task Board

3D Reinforcement

> Create Strip Foundation
> Create Sections
> Stirrups
> Longitudinal reinforcement
> Labeling
> PythonPart Column

Wall Reinforcement Part 1

> Create sections for Wall Reinforcement
> Area Reinforcement
> PythonParts
> Bar Shape
> Labeling

Wall Reinforcement Part 2

> Copy Wall Reinforcement to the next Floor
> Adapt Reinforcement to susequently created Openings
> Split Bars
> Join Bars

Complex Reinforcement

> Reinforcing a soline-shades garden wall
> Reinforcing a column with variable dimensions
> Extrude Bars Along Path
> Sweep Bars Along Path
> Rearrange Marks

Reinforcement Plan

> Plan Layout
> Layout Window
> Project attributes
> Set Up Page

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