Hotfix Allplan 2021-0-4

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features


Data is no longer lost when you open the Layout Editor and update the drawing files while the “Desktop environment” - “Optimize working with large coordinates” option is selected.


You can create and edit reference planes based on freeform surfaces without problems.


Project properties

Certain project-specific attributes no longer slow down the import of DWG files.

Certain project-specific attributes no longer slow down the creation of dimension lines.

User interface

You can change the reference scale more quickly or zoom in by using the wheel button more quickly, even if “Pattern” is selected in “Show/Hide”.

Properties palette

You can change the “Group number” of one or more selected objects in the Properties palette.

User-defined objects, libraries

Label styles

You can use certain Visual Basic scripts to analyze element properties in label styles again.


Allplan Share

You can create a project backup in the “New Project, Open Project” dialog box even if another user is working on the project.

IFC interface

Allplan correctly exports profile walls to IFC when the “Split multilayer components...” - “Wall” option is selected in the “Advanced options” of the “IFC Export, Import Settings”.

The new interface correctly exports slabs to IFC, even if the slabs have slopes that were created by means of “Reference Surface”.

You can export SmartParts consisting of certain polyhedrons to IFC.

IFC import correctly handles walls with vertically extruded openings whose ends at the top and bottom are delimited by reference surfaces.

“IfcWall” objects whose materials and layer structures are defined by “MaterialLayerSetUsage” will be imported as multilayer walls to Allplan.

PDF export

PDF export correctly handles layouts with certain pattern lines, no longer rotating parts of these lines.

Revit interface

You can import Revit data to Allplan immediately after you have imported DWG data.



You can place “Additional text” even if “Dimension text” is hidden, that is, turned off.

Views and sections

We enhanced the creation of sections; sections are complete again.

When you export layouts with resources that contain only views and sections without model data, Allplan considers the linked drawing files, too.

The following applies to the “Basic” input method: After you have created a section from a view or section, Allplan creates the other sections within this view or section until you select Esc. The “Advanced” input method no longer provides the “Height from elements” option.

A custom NDW file displays section objects even if the model and section are in the same document. You can use the palette to show or hide the clipping path.

When you delete the section object of a section created from an existing section, undo this deletion, and delete the section object again, Allplan correctly updates the clipping path.

Views and sections correctly display AX3000 elements.



The “Reverse offset direction” option works correctly when you enter walls with the “Enter at right angles” option being selected.

When you enter walls, the position of the first construction layer is marked with the number 1 at the crosshairs again.


Allplan correctly computes the living space for rooms that take their heights from roof surfaces or reference surfaces with more than one slope.


Bar reinforcement

Allplan displays the reinforcement model in the correct position in three dimensions.

You can place bars with hooks per meter without problems, even if the “Bending length, name, from diameter” option is selected in the “Reinforcement - Label - Schema” options.

After you have turned off the “Automatic placement” option in “Place Bar Shape”, the preview of the placement disappears again.

The associations are correct even if you restart Allplan after you have deleted and restored reinforcement.

You can immediately place a bar shape that you created by matching an existing mark by means of the “Convert, Match Elements” tool.

Bars that you copy to other sections by means of “Convert, Match Elements” will be created in the current drawing file.

Allplan correctly labels the arc lengths in schemas of bar shapes that you created by converting segments of circles by means of the “Convert, Match Elements” tool.

The “Extrude Bars Along Path” and “Sweep Bars Along Path” tools place longitudinal bars in the correct position after you have copied these bars to other sections by means of the “Convert, Match Elements” tool.

You can use the Properties palette to change the diameter of several reinforcing bar marks that you select together.

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool to modify the bar length in “Rotated Plan View”.
The Properties palette correctly adds the number of pieces for 2D reinforcement.

Reports and nonassociative legends no longer output double numbers of pieces for 2D reinforcement.

Reports and nonassociative legends correctly output the total lengths of bars placed in polygon per meter.

The “Reinforcement - overview” report correctly outputs the total sum of bar reinforcement again when analyzing reinforcement drawing files that come from structural levels with different names.

Mesh reinforcement

Meshes with the “Show mesh groups” option being selected are visible in views and sections.


When you hide placements in views and sections by means of the “Reinforcement Tools”, the associated couplers will be hidden, too.



Certain round openings are visible in animation.


When you hide texture parts in a certain color by selecting the “Mask color” option in the “Surfaces” palette, CINEWARE no longer produces unwanted results when rendering the image.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International


“Export aSa” returns correct results with Canadian cross-section catalogs.