Hotfix Allplan 2023-0-1

Release notes (11/10/2022)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.

This hotfix updates a critical DLL for Precast Licence Explorer.

MSI Setup

If you perform a first-time installation and match office and user settings, your user settings are now transferred correctly if the user file is located on a workgroup server.

The graphics during installation have been optimized for display on high-resolution monitors.

You can now install the program even if there is a space in the Windows login name.


Allplan Share

When importing with resources, associative dimension lines of views and sections are now imported correctly.

We've improved the upload of new project resources created locally to the cloud.

AutoCAD interface

Due to special hatching, DWG export was no longer possible; this has now been fixed.

IFC Interface

During export, the IFC object type 'IfcSpace' assigned to rooms caused an error message; this has now been fixed.

When exporting drawing files, the currently loaded drawing files were always taken into account instead of the drawing files specified in the settings; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, all floor surfaces of exported rooms were deleted after IFC export; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, importing Revit data caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Moved axis grids are now exported correctly in terms of height.


When editing a property set template, you can now also create and edit an IFC object category.

Assigning custom attributes from the 'Add-On Modules' section to rooms has been improved.

To evaluate the attributes of the building structure, you can now use the entry 'TOPOLOGY' in the list field of the function in the formula editor.

Attributes specified via a formula are now output correctly in the object palette.



If you open the list box for exporting the report several times, the separator is now no longer multiplied.


When dropping smart symbols from the standard library, the floor structure is now taken into account for height-related placement.


You can now modify the PythonPart 'SmartStairConverter' again.

The longitudinal reinforcement in the PythonPart example 'SweepBarAlongPath.pyp' has been improved.

User interface

When working with direct object modification, the context toolbars are now displayed again even if other objects are marked as selection preview.

The welcome screen now only contains one link to the new features of the version.


We’ve optimized the object palette, which is now much faster.

You can create elements faster when the object palette is open.

Copying data from ndw files to a drawing file via the clipboard has been improved.

Copying data via the clipboard when the source data is in edit mode in the background has been improved.

We have also improved the opening of drawing files with architectural components from previous versions.

We have exchanged the wizards in the groups 'BIMEASY Architecture' and 'BIMEASY Engineering'. The elements now no longer have point handles.

The display of dialog boxes when using high-resolution monitors has been improved.

The tool icons in the input options and the dialog boxes are now displayed according to the 'icon size' set in the configuration.

Matching the properties of an existing element when setting the filter conditions caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


We have further optimized the adjustment of the text leader when changing the text size or the reference scale.


Editing associative dimensioning with 'Move dimension line' and 'Modify dimension line' has been improved.

Copying associative dimensioning with 'copy and paste' now results in correct dimension line sections.

We have further improved the dimensioning of curves and splines. Your document will now be checked when you open it.

Underlined dimensions are now displayed correctly after data conversion.

Layout Editor

When switching to the layout editor, the settings for transparency and color defined in the object palette are no longer reset.


When working in Vulkan mode, lines containing a pattern are now displayed correctly on AMD graphics cards.

Repeated changing of the 'ISO' setting when rendering with 'Tone mapping' enabled is now taken into account.


Several improvements have been implemented in the PythonParts for 'automatic reinforcement', such as undoing actions, creating the 3D model and defining a column in terms of structural analysis.

For 'automatic reinforcement' PythonParts, the reinforcement is now displayed immediately once it has been completed.

In 'automatic wall reinforcement', the walls selected in the plan are now displayed in selection color.

For certain PythonParts, no dialog was displayed when opening them and you had to close Allplan with the Task Manager; this has now been fixed.

Views and Sections

For rotated plan view, resized sections and the 'folded' setting are now displayed correctly.

When selecting fixtures in sections via the selection rectangle, only the fixtures that are located within the section object are now selected.

When moving objects in views and sections, the associated associative label is now moved correctly if you selected it as well.

Modifying grid lines in views and sections with 'Modify points' has also seen an improvement.

The behavior of the new text parameters for labeling views and sections now corresponds to the usual labeling.

If you create an axis grid in views and sections, the settings in the input options are now saved.

In certain cases, removing axis lines with projection and labeling on both sides caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

If you have the individual layers of a wall as well as an opening contained in it on different layers, you can now use the layer filter to correctly control how components are displayed in views and sections.

Structural framing

Mirroring inclined structural beams and braces is now performed correctly.

The 'Connection Toolbox' has been extended and improved.

The coordinates of the axis in the center of the structural framing object are now available as information.

With certain licenses, the 'Connection Toolbox' did not work; this is now fixed.


If you change the visibility of architectural components in the objects palette, transparency and color are no longer reset.

Unfinished structure

Even if you have selected the 'construction line', you can now modify openings using handles and the 'properties' palette.

When modifying slab openings with user-defined smart symbols via the 'Properties' palette or the 'Apply Archit. Component Properties' tool, the smart symbols are now no longer deleted.

Changing the remodeling category of walls with wall style using the ‘Conversion for Building Alteration Work’ tool has been improved.


When you select the 'Catalog' function, all existing catalogs are listed again in the selection dialog.

In certain cases, Allplan did not take into account room-height openings when evaluating skirting boards with the 'VOB length' attribute; you can now fix this retrospectively using 'update labels'.


The quality of Allplan was further improved by resolving received crash reports and traceable messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

When using the 'Copy and Rotate' tool, the pointer update of reinforcement labels has been improved.

The direction of the hooks of straight beams during modification via the properties palette has been further improved.

The triangular layer symbols typical in the Netherlands now point in the right direction even after the reinforcement has been mirrored.

Mesh Reinforcement

In certain cases, incorrect piece counts were output when generating mesh reports in the building structure or in the layout editor; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, creating meshes in a drawing file with an existing associative mesh legend caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Reinforcement views

Enhanced data conversion of reinforcement views when importing drawing files and plans with resources.

Precast Elements

Allplan's quality has been improved by fixing traceable program errors.

In the 'Transfer elements' tool, the selected reinforcement is now also displayed in the views and sections in the selected color.

When generating the production data with the NC generator, fixture foils with a scale range 0-1 are taken into account again.

Linking fixtures when moving architectural openings has been improved.

If you delete precast elements and/or create new views and sections after undoing the deletion, the mark number in views and sections is now displayed correctly.


When you change the height of an architectural wall, the views and sections now correctly update the representation of the fixtures.

Creating connections in already subdivided walls has been improved.

Creating dummy joints with 'Modify Wall in View' has been improved.

Element Plan

When selecting the precast element in views and sections, the steel lists were placed outside the element plan; this has now been fixed.

When selecting multiple elements for element editing, you can use the 'view' button in the input options to select the element being looked at again.

For a brick wall created with the ‘design function (iWall)', the symbol for the base edge is now displayed in the element plan.

Working with the element plan window open has been improved.

The schema label in the element plan has been improved.

If fixtures are placed in the element plan and then moved, they are now displayed correctly in the views and sections in the placing drawing.


In certain cases, closing the surface and concrete grade catalog caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.


When renaming entries in the mTIM configuration, additional entries were created; this has now been fixed.

When moving planning units, the data is now updated correctly immediately.

Creating new rules in Quality Manager has been improved.

The .Net framework required to run TIM is now included in the installation.

Importing data in the background via the ImportService has been extended and improved.

In the delivery manager, the dimensions of the stacked elements are now displayed correctly.

In the properties window, a missing catalog reference is now displayed with 'Not defined'. In addition, an info is displayed in the tree view of the elements.

In the report 'PalettePlan.rdl' the symbols for the delivery are now displayed correctly.

In certain cases, using the filter in DataExplorer caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

If a filter for displaying items is set in the Delivery Manager, the section in the model window is now retained when an item is stacked.

If the overlap of already stacked elements is changed, the elements will now be placed correctly if set accordingly.

Execution of construction work

Functionality has been extended and improved.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International

English localization was completed for some element plan labeling images.


When working with imperial units, the change of scale in the 'plan element properties' dialog box is now taken into account correctly.