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precast fabrication

ALLPLAN offers integrated solutions to design precast elements reaching a new dimension of efficiency and precision in precast concrete planning.

Precast design
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Solutions for the challenges in precast concrete planning

Industrial precast construction requires high quality design of precast concrete elements. Speed, efficiency and precision are decisive factors. Whether for industrial series production or complex precast elements - experts for precast construction require reliable software solutions for the delivery of automated design and data for precast fabrication. ALLPLAN and PRECAST offer the ideal software solution for these tasks:

> Efficient automated design and precise data for precast fabrication
> Work in 3D as fast and easy as in 2D
> OpenBIM platform for efficient collaboration across all disciplines

Below you find more detailed product information, testimonials and exciting reference projects.

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Our solution portfolio
for precast fabrication

Precast Fabricators

Solutions for the challenges in precast concrete design

PLANBAR from PRECAST; built on Allplan - enabling the digitalization of the construction industry from concept to industrialized manufacture through efficient automated design and data for fabrication.

Allplan delivers for buried structures the flexibility to produce complex designs with unique geometries, through modeling and digital processes, leading to greater efficiency and time savings over conventional drafting



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Allianz Stadion, Austria

Score: Rapid’s new precast stadium

In 2016, the tradition-steeped Viennese soccer club SK Rapid Wien moved into its new home, the Allianz Stadium. Oberndorfer Betonwerke, one of Austria's leading precast construction companies, played a major role in the construction. Among other things, Oberndorfer was responsible for the technical design and detailing, production and assembly of 880 grandstand elements, 150 precast staircases and up to 18-meter high external supports with a total weight of more than 40 tons. Oberndorfer uses PLANBAR as the planning software. © Foto SK Rapid Wien

OPP Vejle Psyk, Denmark

New hospital wing made of high-quality precast elements

For the construction of the new wing, Vejle Clinic relied on precast concrete construction. All concrete elements were supplied by Contiga Tinglev A/S, such as the support piers for the walkway and the circular piers in the interior. A total of 14,000 square meters of concrete walls and 24,000 square meters of hollow were delivered. Contiga Tinglev is considered a pioneer in its field, is the precast concrete market leader in Denmark and relies on PLANBAR for the design and detailing. © Foto Contiga Tinglev

At the top of the Puy de Dôme volcano, France

Rock solid at the lava dome: the station made of precast concrete elements

The underground mountain railway station made of precast concrete elements provides shelter from the extreme weather conditions for 380,000 visitors every year. Prefabricated double walls from Rector Lesage were the solution for simplified logistics and maximum precision. Placed in a slight circular shape, almost 3,600 square meters of double walls form the reception and circulation area as well as the outer walls and the station platform. For the design of all precast elements Rector Lesage relies on PLANBAR. © Foto Rector Lesage

The Allplan solution portfolio for Precast fabrication

Allplan is the ultimate BIM solution to meet the challenges of the construction industry and benefit from the digital transformation. BIM software and ALLPLAN's industry-leading collaboration and integration tools form the ideal combination.

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TIM|WORK is PRECAST’s tool for work preparation and BIM-Management. Each work preparation step can be planned easily in 3D and the execution can be simulated in 3D, ensuring delivery of all parts on time and in quality.

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Allplan Bimplus is the ultimate open BIM platform for all disciplines to collaborate efficiently in building projects. BIM model data, information, documents and tasks are managed centrally over the complete building life cycle.

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PLANBAR is the world’s #1 CAD software for industrialized construction and builds upon the Allplan platform. PLANBAR’s popularity derives from its precision and its time saving automated functionality specifically developed for utmost efficiency in precast concrete projects.

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