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What is Allplan Engineering?

Allplan Engineering is a powerful BIM solution that supports the complete design process in structural and civil engineering consultancies.

  • Precise 3D modeling of buildings and complex civil structures
  • Outstanding performance in modeling reinforcement
  • Cloud based model coordination/collaboration
  • Interfaces for smooth data exchange
  • Workflows with structural analysis solutions

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Benefits of ALLPLAN Engineering

  1. Flexible workflows in 2D, 2.5D and 3D as well as the full object-orientated BIM working methodology.

Complete freedom to easily model any shape, supported with powerful tools to quickly develop building components.

  1. Integrated Allplan Cloud services for optimized cloud-based collaboration, project and office teamworking, and drawing and plan distribution. 

Adapt and modify plans without having to re-model from scratch, save time and respond more easily and quickly to changes.

Powerful and easy-to-use modeling functions for the integration of road designs in your building and infrastructure projects.

  1. Optimize materials and construction approaches including cast insitu/precast concrete, steel and timber for enhanced buildability and sustainability.

Automated solutions for the rapid design and detailing of reinforcement requirements, saving significant time and ensuring quality.

Advanced workflows with AutoConverter to efficiently exchange structural models with structural analysis solutions via SAF.

Easily incorporate site terrain requirements, design access roads, model utilities, and plan construction equipment placement.

Features Allplan Engineering
Functionality At a glance


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Extremely powerful reinforcement functionality, including bar reinforcement, mesh reinforcement and BAMTEC carpets.

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Steel Connections

Tools for bolted and welded steel connections.

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Fully parametric road design, including intersections, traffic circles and vehicle swept path analysis.

Construction Site Preparation

Cranes, containers, site fences and other equipment for planning the construction site layout.


All relevant file interfaces for smooth data exchange, including ifc, bcf, pdf, rvt, 3dm, skp, obj, LandXML, dwg, dgn, c4d, stl, wrl, saf and many others. Software interfaces (e.g. Python API and Visual Scripting) enable automated workflows.

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External Data Sources

GIS Connector and Content Connector to import GIS information, 3D content and textures.

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3D Modeling

High performance 3D modeling, even for the most complex and challenging geometry. The modeling functionality is powered by the Siemens Parasolid modeling kernel.

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2D Drafting

Comprehensive functionality for precise 2D drafting for attractive, concise and detailed drawings.

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Wide variety of visualization capabilities based on latest technologies like Vulkan. Includes the Real-time Render, Maxon’s Redshift and CineRender, live links to Lumion and Twinmotion.


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Clash detection

Tool to identify soft and hard collisions.

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Predefined yet customizable company standard. Ensures a consistent way of working when creating models and drawings through comprehensive wizards. Eases getting started, increases productivity and ensures well-structured data exchange, especially in openBIM projects.

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Building Components

Flexible building components such as walls, slabs, beams, columns, foundations, stairs, roofs, windows, doors and facades.

Terrain Model

Powerful terrain modeling based on survey points or point clouds.

Urban and Landscape Design

Functions for mass models, urban and site design as well as planting plans.

Sewerage and Utilities

Routing of services such as water, sewage, electricity, internet, natural gas or district heating.

Quantity Take-Off and Costing

Precise, verifiable quantity takeoff and costing of modeled and non modeled objects.


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Cloud-based Collaboration

Bimplus Pro cloud-based BIM collaboration platform.

Project Teamworking

Allplan Share enables teamwork across a company network, ideal also for team members working remotely.

Drawing and Plan Distribution

Web-based plan distribution tool, Allplan Exchange, specifically designed to manage the creation and distribution of various plan formats and provide automatic change notifications via email groups.

Analytical Model Generation

Smart conversion, via AutoConverter, of geometrical models to analytical models that can directly be used by structural analysis solutions like Frilo Statics, Scia Engineer and many others.

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Design Checking

Solibri Inside can run checks in Allplan models as and when the user wishes – using palette like functionality, from within the BIM Explorer in Allplan.

Office Teamworking

Through Allplan Workgroup Manager facilitate efficient teamwork within a local company network.

Cloud-enabled Project Resources

Cloud office resources allow full cloud based distribution of Allplan project resources.

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Benefit from instant access to tools boosting your collaboration to the next level.

Allplan Cloud Services

* 12 months Solibri Inside subscription is included with new Allplan Subscriptions | Subscription terms and FAQS


License Server

Facilitates optimal use of existing licenses by multiple users. License usage outside the office is possible.

Bimplus Pro

Additional Bimplus Pro licenses to expand your cloud collaboration capacity.

Allplan Cloud Storage

Additional storage to enable your projects to continue without interruption.

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