Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Note: From Allplan 2021 on Workgroup Online will no longer be available. Instead, you can purchase Allplan Share, which has been available since version 2018.


When you install an upgrade from Allplan 2019 to Allplan 2020 and transfer data, Allplan 2019 was not completely removed. After uninstalling Allplan 2019 from the Windows "Apps & Features" list, Allplan 2020 did not start, and you had to re-install it again. We solved this problem.

Allplan 2020 now supports the operating system Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (for Citrix, not recommended).

User Interface

Properties palette

While drawing 2D and 3D objects, you can use the "Match parameters" tool in the "Properties" palette to adopt the format properties "Pen thickness", "Line type", "Line color" and "Layer" from other objects, as long as the drawing tool is active.

We enhanced assigning attributes with the "Properties" palette; the dropdown list opens faster now, even if there are many attributes.

Objects palette

In the "Objects" palette, you can now switch off the visibility of certain bars created in previous Allplan versions.


We improved the AutoCAD, MicroStation and IFC interfaces.

Allplan Share

Local cached drawing files are not compressed anymore; data access is faster now.

We enhanced user administration in Allplan Share projects.

In the "Open on a project-specific basis: layouts" dialog box the locking symbol of a layout may sometimes not appear, even if it is already selected. We solved this problem.

You can't delete a current layout anymore.

We enhanced working with projects containing a very large number of drawing files (>3000).

We enhanced automatic synchronization of Allplan Share projects with Bimplus: When you deselect a drawing file in the model synchronization list, it will be removed from the Bimplus model, too.


We improved the backup of local data, when you work with workgroup manager and the connection to the data server is interrupted. We enhanced and reduced the number of messages displayed.
Bimplus Interface

No message appears now, when you upload a drawing file to Bimplus, which contains element groups with architectural components.

AutoCAD Interface

When you export a layout containing bitmap areas to DWG format and use exchange favorite 1, the bitmap areas are exploded and transferred in correct scale.

When you insert two or more different DWG files as free XRefs into a drawing file, each file is displayed correctly again.

IFC Interface

During IFC export the "Offset coordinates" defined in "Project Settings" are considered, even if the building structure includes only the structural level "Site".

When you export stories to IFC, now the BaseQuantities are transferred, too.

When you export components created with the "Structural framing beam" tool to IFC, they are transferred as IfcBeam now.

When you export components created with the "Steel, Timber Element" tool to IFC, now specific Qto_BeamBaseQuantities are transferred, too.


Building structure

When you select and change a different report template via ‘Derived from building structure’ – ‘reports’, your selection is saved and used for the next report output.

Drawing Files and Projects

When calculating the sill height of an opening in an associative dimension line, Allplan considers "offset coordinates" in Z direction defined for the current project.

Design, Structural Framing

Axis Grid

An axis grid was moved in Z direction. When you modify the grid's parameters now by using "Properties" from the shortcut menu and the "Modify Axis Grid" palette, the grid's height does not change.

Structural framing elements

A "Structural Framing Column" with height set relative to a "Roof Surface" is displayed correctly now in model and section.



Allplan now correctly updates a window's "sill height" in associative dimension lines, when you choose "Undo" and undo the last change of the floor covering thickness.

When you create associative dimension lines of a section which is resized in the X direction and/or Y direction, the resize factors are considered correctly. If you place the section in a layout, the dimension lines now retain the resized values.

The "base value" for the reference point of an existing elevation dimension line is retained, even if you create other elevation dimension lines with different "base value".



When modifying a roof surface, you possibly could not choose individual edges by clicking them while selecting the SPACEBAR. We solved this problem.

When you label recesses and openings containing smart symbols with a label style you created yourself, then Allplan 2020 recognized and labeled the recess and opening object, too. Now the labels behave as in previous Allplan versions.



Certain graphics in reports were very faint. Now the option "Create Thick Line" in "Options" - "Reports and quantity calculations" affects the report graphics again.

Views and Sections

Allplan loads drawing files faster now, when they contain objects with associative labels in views and sections which are updated automatically.

When you generate a view, you can now correctly adopt the settings of a perspective by choosing the "Match Parameters" tool (pipette) in the "3D View" palette and clicking into the viewport.

In views and sections of components which are on not selected drawing files you can now label the component using a label style without a message appearing.

You can now select and modify views and sections of model data on not selected / closed drawing files.

Fixtures are displayed correctly in layouts now, even if you choose the option "Fixtures" - "Representation as a wireframe model" in "Options" - "Views".


Bar reinforcement

Bar reinforcement, which was inserted as XRef into a shell entity, is now displayed in animation view.

Allplan calculates the overlap length correctly now, when you create a bar shape and the maximum bar length is exceeded, so that more than two additional bars are necessary in polygon splitting.

You placed bars "in rotation" and then mirrored the placement with the "Copy and Mirror" tool. You can now modify the mirrored placement correctly with the "Modify Placement" tool.

After having copied reinforcement, section body and section in one step, you can modify the copied reinforcement now without affecting the original.

When you change the shell polygon of a polygonal placement with the "Stretch entity" tool, the placement is updated automatically now.

Allplan correctly updates associative legends like "Bar schedule - bending shapes" when you change the number of pieces in the Properties palette with "Place bar shape".

Allplan does not rotate the bars anymore when you change the value for hook length in a full schema. The hook is displayed correctly.

Bars created with "Bar Shape" are placed correctly now, when you select "Single placement" and the option "Point mode on" is active.

You can place a bending shape in polygon by choosing the placing mode "Place in Polygon" in "Special Placements" from the shortcut menu, even if you first created the bending shape with "Bar Shape".

Bars created with "Bar shape" and placed with "Place in View" are displayed correctly after you used the "Reorganize Drawing Files" tool (CTRL+F5).

When using the "Place bar shape" tool for 2D reinforcement, you can select the viewing direction from the activated bar now, as in Allplan 2019.

In 2D reinforcement, when you create a "linear placement" with "Place bar shape", the length of bar segments is displayed correctly now.

When you assign attributes to bar placements with the "Assign Attributes to Elements" tool and select the elements in a region, the attributes are assigned only to the selected elements now.

NEW: DT Reinforcement

With this hotfix we add the new task area "DT Reinforcement" as a Technical Preview to Allplan; it contains tools to create and modify DT beams and warped slabs. These tools are not displayed in the Allplan user interface by default, but you can add them with "Actionbar Configurator" or "Customize User Interface...".

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in.

Allplan International

In country packages where scale settings are written as fractions, the setting "1:100" is now available, too. This scale setting is needed for creating "layout legends".

In the "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog box in the "More Tools without Icons" area now all tool names are displayed in the current language.


When you define keyboard shortcuts with the "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog box, you can use certain Slovak special characters now.


We improved the labels of reinforcing bars.