Hotfix Allplan 2021-0-5

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Allplan logging

The “stdmen.out” file also includes the number of GDI objects.

Basic features


The contents of the drawing file do not move when you move drawing files in the building structure and the “Optimize working with large coordinates” option is selected in the “Options” on the “Desktop environment” page.


Project properties

Allplan correctly assigns user-defined project attributes, even if you use attribute values of the “Custom Classification” or “Passive house” attribute group.

Layout editor

General 3D objects are visible in layouts even if reinforcement views are in the same drawing file.



When editing hatching later, you can use “Select side” to align the hatching with a reference line.



Allplan snaps points faster when you dimension finish specifications in sections.

You can use the “Add Dimension Line Point” and “Change Ref Points” tools with certain data without problems.


You can save drawing files of a fileset, even if you deleted detailing windows beforehand.


Allplan Share

Layout attributes that were changed by means of the Allplan Attribute Manager are also available for projects that have not yet been saved locally. In addition, these layout attributes are visible in the layout legends.


Allplan exports the name of a SmartPart in a door opening as an attribute to Bimplus.

You can download certain walls with openings from Bimplus without problems.

Scalypso plug-in

This hotfix updates the Scalypso plug-in to version 2020.1.1.0.

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC4 export of multilayer walls.

We enhanced IFC export of objects with invalid component IDs.

When you export components to IFC, Allplan correctly transfers several classifications assigned.

We enhanced IFC import of curved walls. Allplan imports curved walls as spline-based walls.

Import Revit Data

The “Story” option is selected by default in the “Element filter” in the “Settings for Revit import” dialog box. Consequently, you can import floor slabs that are defined as “floors” (stories) in Revit. Turn off this option if you do not want to transfer certain floor slabs.



You can use “Properties” on the shortcut menu to change the height of a recess inserted into a slab by means of “Recess, Opening in Slab”.


The contents of a legend created by means of “Visualize Surface Elements” remain unchanged when you recalculate the architectural elements by using “Restore 3D View” - “All”.



When you use “Export” – “BCM” or “Nevaris” to save a report in xac or xacx format in Allplan 2021, the column headers in the export file will be created from the localized object names and no longer from the attribute names in the report template (*.rdlc). This innovation has lead to problems when you use reports in the xca, xac, and xlsx formats to exchange data with TAI programs, for example. Experienced Allplan users can restore the behavior of earlier versions by opening the “usr\local\quantity.usr” file in the editor and changing the new value of 28 to 1.


You can use the “3D Surface from existing 3D Lines” tool to create 3D surfaces from closed polylines that you created in 2D and then converted into 3D.

Views and sections

When you export drawing files with views and sections, Allplan exports both the information about the associations and the linked drawing files. After export, the contents of the drawing files are completely visible.

When you use Allplan 2021 to open, update, or recalculate a section created in Allplan 2020, the representation of this section in Allplan 2021 is the same as in Allplan 2020.

We enhanced the update of views and sections when you switch to the “Layout Editor” task.

Finish specifications are completely visible in views and sections.

When you move all model data by means of “Stretch Entities”, the reinforcement does not change in the views and sections.

You can use drag-and-drop editing to copy drawing files with sections in the building structure without problems.

You saved a component with its section and a section from the section as a symbol. When you place this symbol, Allplan correctly processes the linked data.

PythonParts consistently expand in views and sections. Placements are in the correct positions.

Allplan no longer prompts you again and again to update the data when you switch between drawing file and layout editor multiple times and you have already updated all views and sections.

When you create or show the clipping path in an existing view or section, the “Clipping line” and “Direction symbol” get the layer that is selected in the “Clipping Path” palette. The section label gets the layer that is selected in the “Properties” palette.


Bar reinforcement

Allplan Quality Manager checks the reinforcement data more accurately.

You can move dimension lines in a schema by using the “Move Dimension Line” tool again.

You can modify individual bars of a placement by using the “New Mark Number” tool again.

Allplan no longer changes the placement display mode when you click “New Mark Number” and then select all visible bars of a placement.

When you change the “Component factor” and then a placing parameter for a single placement, Allplan no longer uses the changed component factor for creating other single placements.

You can create schemas for bending shapes with overlapping segments without problems. These bending shapes are also visible in reports and legends.

Allplan no longer changes the setting for considering the number of pieces when you copy 2D area reinforcement.

Allplan correctly analyzes the “-” setting for the number of pieces when you create an associative legend of 2D area reinforcement.

We enhanced aSa export of imperial lengths without fractions.



Animation displays all layers of multilayer, vertical finish specifications at the correct height.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program in various places.

Allplan International


Allplan correctly computes the bar lengths of any bars without end hooks when the “Bending length, name, from diameter” option is selected for the schema.


We enhanced the Serbian user interface of Allplan.


We enhanced analyses of the “Unfinished structure” - “Columns” report with the “feet, inches” setting.

We added more “ACI bending dimensions”, which are required for US users.