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Workflow series

Learn about the advantages Bimplus offers: Coordination and collaboration between project partners with the help of five examples.

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Allplan and Bimplus - the perfect combination for smooth project execution

Coordination between different disciplines is critical for the successful implementation of construction projects. If coordination is transparent and runs smoothly, design errors can be avoided, and deadlines and budgets can be met. For this purpose, the BIM solution Allplan and the open BIM platform Bimplus have been ideally matched. This makes collaboration between project partners as simple as it is efficient. Bimplus serves as a central hub through which the models of the various disciplines can be shared and brought together independently of the software used.

Using the example of a building construction project, we show a workflow in several steps from the implementation of the first BIM requirements to the final detailed design, in this case the reinforcement design.

Whether for BIM coordination, architectural design, structural analysis integration, or specialist design - for each requirement, Allplan and Bimplus offer a wide range of benefits - see what they are here!

Define requirements

Effortlessly Implement BIM Requirements

This video shows how to easily upload your architectural model from Allplan to Bimplus and conveniently integrate your BEP (BIM execution plan) and EIR (employer information requirements) into Bimplus using property sets.

Structural Analysis

Convenient integration of structural analysis

Here you can see how to easily share your model with structural engineers via Bimplus and quickly prepare it for structural analysis via SCIA AutoConverter. The resulting analysis is saved as a sub model and synchronized back to Bimplus.

Issue Management

Efficient task management and BCF workflows

In this video you will learn how to communicate tasks, responsibilities, and additional information centrally via the Issue Manager in Bimplus. Adjusted models are uploaded to Bimplus as new revisions and differences can be displayed visually.

Coordination process

Simplified coordination with project participants

See how easy it is to display, compare, adjust and manage models as variants and revisions. With the help of easy-to-create slide shows, you have an excellent basis for presentations and for decision-making in construction meetings.


Smooth collaboration across models and disciplines

This video explains how you can filter models and information from other disciplines as reference models via the integrated BIM Explorer as required and load them from Bimplus to Allplan. After a revision, the newly created sub model is uploaded back to Bimplus and is available to the project team.