ALLPLAN is at the forefront of digital transformation in the AEC industry, empowering professionals to realize their creative visions with precision and increased productivity. The merger of SCIA & FRILO with ALLPLAN amplifies our ability to offer an end-to-end workflow from architectural through structural analysis and design to detailing and prefabrication, where design meets engineering functionality in a seamless digital environment.

"The merger will foster digitalization in the AEC industry significantly empowering engineering professionals with the end-to-end workflows they need to deliver their projects more productively, with higher quality and greater sustainability.”
Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN.

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ALLPLAN drives innovation and offers powerful end-to-end design to build workflows through advanced software solutions for the AEC industry. By working with Allplan, FRILO and SCIA architects, engineers and construction professionals benefit from a powerful solution technology stack that enables them to deliver their projects more productively, safely and eco-consciously.


  • Better collaboration on BIM projects and within the engineering office
  • One model is created in Allplan and used multiple times thanks to automatic conversion
  • Conversion of physical model into analytical model with Bimplus
  • Transfer of analytical model to SCIA Engineer and FRILO for structural analysis and design
  • Return of the design results to Allplan Engineering for required reinforcement

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Don’t miss out on our appealing bundle including Allplan Engineering, SCIA and FRILO and make sure to benefit from:

  • Powerful & intuitive BIM modeling and detailing with Allplan
  • Integrated cloud technology for efficient collaboration, coordination and creation of analysis models with Bimplus and AutoConverter
  • Comprehensive 3D analysis of buildings of all kinds with SCIA
  • Powerful component-orientated calculation with FRILO

In a highly fragmented market, the bundle empowers professionals to benefit from structural design and analysis solutions and rapidly generate accurate detailed construction deliverables to ensure projects are delivered more successfully. Has the bundle piqued your interest? Then get in touch with us using the form.

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"Thanks to the automated model import via the FRILO BIM Connector, manual input is now eliminated. I was able to enter the upper floors of the six houses in just one day and check them for plausibility.”


“The Building Model GEO by FRILO is great because it helps to provide the user with a quick overview of the vertical load transfer.”

Wulle Lichti Walz GmbH

In structural design, we also need structural drawings as the result of a verifiable structural analysis. To do this, we create the structural design model in Allplan at an early stage.”

baues + partner

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