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All BIM Guides at a glance

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is on the rise. In recent years, this working method has become compulsory for public construction projects in many European countries. It is also increasingly required by private clients.

Despite the commitment of companies and associations like buildingSMART e.V. to increase the awareness and understanding of BIM, it still poses a challenge for many potential users.

In collaboration with many BIM experts, ALLPLAN has created a comprehensive set of resources that provide an overview of the topic. Together, they answer the typical questions associated with this working method. How is BIM-based work performed? What does BIM mean in the company and in the project? What processes need to be defined?

1. BIM Management Guide

The BIM Management Guide is the BIM guide for decision-makers in the construction industry. It provides clear and concise answers to the most important questions about the application and introduction of the BIM working method.


  • Reasons for the introduction of BIM
  • Rules and approaches to introducing BIM
  • BIM-based cooperation across different disciplines
  • Importance of BIM in the company and in the project
  • Support from ALLPLAN for BIM projects

2. BIM Office Implementation Guide

The BIM Office Implementation Guide shows how to make the transition to BIM and how this has added value for companies.


  • The added value of implementing BIM
  • Processes and thinking
  • Gradual introduction of BIM
  • Framework conditions for BIM
  • Checklists
  • Support from ALLPLAN for BIM projects

3. BIM User Guide

The BIM User Guide explains the BIM working method to users. Basic prerequisites and key aspects of the BIM philosophy are shown and explained.


  • Organization of a BIM project
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The importance of CAD software in BIM-based work
  • Open BIM versus Closed BIM
  • Support from ALLPLAN for BIM projects

4. BIM Project Guide

The BIM Project Guide provides in-depth advice on implementing and making the best use of the BIM working method within a project. At the project level, BIM is no longer just a theory and the guide shows how the working method is implemented within a real project.


  • Gradual project development with BIM
  • Goals and uses of BIM within a project
  • Adapting the BIM working method to the project size (Little BIM, Big BIM)
  • Framework parameters and the project execution plan
  • Project data exchange, data quality, and data control
  • Collaboration, role assignment, and responsibilities

5. BIM Communication Guide

The BIM Communication Guide explains the BIM working method to users. Basic prerequisites and core aspects of the BIM philosophy are pointed out and explained.


  • The coordination model
  • Common data format
  • Communicating with each other
  • IFC grammar + IFC vocabulary
  • BCF grammar + BCF vocabulary
  • Collaboration workflow

6. BIM Glossary

On the following pages of the BIM Glossary you will find the most important expressions about BIM in their respective translations and content statements, in order to bring a little more transparency into the complex topic.


  • General terms
  • BIM-specific terms
  • Data formats
  • IFC-specific terms
  • BIM dimension
  • BIM detail depth

7. BIM Compendium: Theory and Practice

The BIM Compendium is designed as a reference for ALLPLAN software users. It addresses the common questions that are raised when modeling in 3D. In addition, there are tips for cooperating with project partners.


  • The 3D building model in Allplan
  • Working with the building structure
  • Elements and attributes for unfinished structures, expansions, and rooms
  • Attributes of the hierarchic levels
  • Data import and export
  • Data exchange with IFC