Release Allplan 2021-1

Release Notes for Allplan 2021-1


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features

User interface

You can switch to the Wizards palette while modifying planes by using the Planes palette.

Layout editor

The “Allplan Exchange Layout Distribution” tool displays round-cornered bending shapes when exporting reinforcement to PDF files.

You can import reinforcement data by using “Import Drawing Files and Layouts with Resources to Project” in the Layout Editor task area.



In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you created a fill by matching a segment of a circle. We solved this problem.



When you double-click an existing text with the right mouse button, Allplan correctly matches the text parameters for new texts.


Allplan Share

You cannot use fileset structures in Allplan Share projects. Consequently, you see a message when you copy a project that contains a fileset structure and a building structure to Allplan Share.

You can correctly save views by using “Save, Load View” in an Allplan Share project. Other users can load these views without problems.

When you assign layout attributes in an Allplan Share project, the “Layout Attributes" dialog box immediately opens in the foreground.

Upon opening, AttributeManager checks the layouts in the project, downloading only the required layouts.

Workgroup manager

The “Allplan User Management” dialog box no longer contains the “Email address” and “Password” entries that were required for Workgroup Online. Consequently, the overview no longer contains the respective columns either.

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC4 import of certain IFC data.

We enhanced IFC4 import of ArchiCad 24 data that contains components with openings of the “IfcIndexedPolygonalFaceWithVoids” type.

IFC4 export correctly transfers roller blind housings even if they are of the “IfcShadingDevice” object type.

DWG interface

Allplan correctly imports DWG data when you select “Adjust center of gravity to origin” on the “General Settings” tab in the “Settings”.



You can find many more PythonParts in the library (Default - PythonParts folder). By means of these PythonParts, you can create building structures and civil engineering structures with or without reinforcement as in-situ concrete or precast elements in no time at all. In this context, we renamed existing groups and moved existing PythonParts into new groups.



You can select and modify multilayer walls more logically: Click the wall once to display the properties of the entire wall in the Properties palette. Click the wall a second, third, ... time to display the properties of the wall layer clicked. So, when editing walls by means of the Properties palette, you no longer need to switch between the entire wall and the individual wall layers in the “Selection mode for layers” list box.

Allplan comes with the “Create Wall Openings” and “Create Slab Openings” tools by default (Actionbar - Elements task - Components task area). You have already been able to test these tools as “Provision For Void” add-ons. For example, you can use these tools to convert 3D solids or smart symbols imported as IFC data to Allplan openings and make them intersect walls and slabs in your project. You can filter the imported 3D solids or smart symbols according to various criteria. Consequently, you can convert only what you need.


The “BIMEASY wizard 01-08 rooms” provides correct factors tor rooms below stairs.


User-defined formula attributes correctly analyze default names of objects.

Views and sections

You can no longer convert views and sections to construction lines by means of “Modify Format Properties”. The existing group number remains unchanged.

When you select construction lines as an entity group, Allplan no longer includes section objects and clipping paths in the selection.

When you create sections in the z-direction, the “Clipping path” and “Section identifier” elements in the model data get the layer selected in the “Create Clipping Path” palette.

You can move views and sections by means of “Move Linked” and “Move” without problems.

When you select elements that you want to rotate in views and sections, Allplan no longer rotates the 3D model of the element but the selected representation of the elements. This applies only when you rotate elements in the plan plane.

After you have modified the format properties of elements in views and sections that do not update automatically, Allplan correctly displays the modified elements without you having to update the data again.

You can change the section identifier of an inclined section.

An associative label remains linked with the labeled component.

Allplan no longer rotates and moves elements when you apply the “Rearrange Section Identifier” tool.


Bar reinforcement

You can place reinforcement in polygon by using the “Move” setting without problems.

You can extrude reinforcing bars along a 3D spline without problems.

You can use the “Modify Placement” tool to correctly change the spacing of a placement created by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool.

The “Split Bars” tool works correctly when you apply it to placements with schemas. You can correctly edit the placements and undo steps.

The “Move Linked” tool correctly moves reinforcement placed in views.

You can move reinforcement by using the “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” tool.

After you have changed the reference scale, the schema tables of reinforcement placed in polygon remain unchanged when you apply the “Rearrange Marks” tool.

You can rotate associative legends so that they are horizontal when you work in rotated plan view with a positive angle of rotation.

You can create bar shapes in a section which was created with a system angle and to which the model data was added.

You can undo bar shapes that you placed by using sloping placing lines.

You can undo the deletion of elements in views and sections without problems.

You can create area reinforcement in views and sections without problems.

You can correctly edit 2D elements to which reinforcement was added in views and sections. In addition, the placement display mode of the reinforcement remains unchanged.

When you save a bar placement as a wizard and then copy this placement into the drawing file, Allplan correctly displays the reinforcement.


Nonassociative legends and reports correctly compute the number of pieces for meshes.


The scope of couplers in the Erico - Lenton catalog is up to date. All couplers of diameter 25 are available for bars of diameter 26. To get the latest catalog, select the Erico manufacturer for the custom installation.

DT reinforcement

DT placement comes with more and enhanced functions.



Animation correctly displays mirrored placements of warped slabs with drainage (Warped Slabs task area).


We updated the framework to version 3.3.8

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

The Allplan Visual Scripting window provides the following new features:

Palette Designer palette

You can use the new Palette Designer palette (right side of the Allplan Visual Scripting window) to control how the Properties palette of a scripted object looks in Allplan. You can group visible parameters of different nodes under a user-definable term and arrange these parameters on different tabs.

  • The Palette Designer palette has two areas. The lower “Unassigned” area displays all visible but unassigned parameters of all nodes in the workspace. To sort these parameters, drag them from the “Unassigned” area into the upper area of the palette. You can create groups and tabs in the upper area. A group forms an area in the Properties palette in Allplan; a tab creates a tab in Properties palette.
  • In doing so, you can drag parameters from one group into another group, from one tab onto another tab, and from the “Unassigned” area into the upper area of the palette and back. This sorting of parameters is the basis for the look of the Properties palette in Allplan.
  • You can rename or delete groups and tabs by using the appropriate tools on the shortcut menus.
  • Each parameter in the Palette Designer palette also provides two shortcut menus, where you can find the “Show in workspace” tool, for example. This tool helps you identify a node in the workspace.
  • The shortcut menu of a node in the workspace contains the “Select in palette designer” tool, for example. You can use this tool to check whether the visible parameters of a node in the workspace have already been added to and grouped in the Palette Designer palette.

Menu bar

The menu bar consists of the following menus: File, Edit, Script, View, and Help. You can find the menu bar above the workspace of the Allplan Visual Scripting window.

  • The menus contain the edit tools (such as copy, paste, delete), the tools on the toolbar, and the tools from the script view (upper-right area of the workspace).
  • Select “Getting Started” on the Help menu to open a short guide to Allplan Visual Scripting. You can find detailed information about visual scripting as well as a small example in the “Visual Scripting Help” (Help menu or F1).

Allplan International


Allplan Connect provides several data packets with numerous lifting bolts for download. You can download all elements as 3D objects or data-reduced symbol fixtures.

We adjusted and enhanced the scope and transfer of parameters for Soule Export. This tool correctly transfers reinforcement created by means of “Extrude Bars Along Path”.

aSa Export and Soule Export use the status to control which bars can be transferred to production.