Hotfix Allplan 2021-1-2

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features


You can select 0.000 degrees for the “Tilting tolerance for text in degrees” option in the “Options - Text”.



You can add points to associative elevation dimensioning that you created by using the “Elevation Point” tool, even if you dimension a view or section in a reference drawing file in the objects derived from the building structure.


You can create an offset polyline in rotated plan view without problems.


After you have rotated elements by means of “Rotate” and selected another tool, you can reselect the previous elements by double-clicking.


The “Stretch Entities” tool works properly, even if you select all objects by using Ctrl+A.



After export to Bimplus, Bimplus correctly displays certain finish specifications created in Allplan.

Allplan Share

You can use Allplan Exchange to export a layout as a ZIP file or DWG file, even if this layout is loaded in an Allplan Share project.

AutoCAD interface

DWG import of certain elements is faster.

IFC interface

We enhanced and sped up IFC export of certain reinforcement.

We enhanced IFC 4 export of reinforcement in XRefs.

IFC import correctly handles axes’ labels of a grid, even if labeling does not start with A or 1.

IFC 4 import correctly handles floors and slabs created in Revit.


The “Haunch reinforcement” PythonPart works properly. You can find this PythonPart in the “Default” - “PythonParts” - “Reinforcement objects” folder.


Allplan 2021-1-0 came with new PythonParts for automated reinforcement. We enhanced the user interface and functionality of these PythonParts in various places. In addition to enabling the possibility to reset the palette values, we implemented the following new features for the individual components:


  • We added a function for defining the number of side rebars.
  • We enhanced the placement of longitudinal rebar.

Punching shear

  • We added the possibility to accept rails with a larger height than the slab thickness.


  • We enhanced the placement location of the cross-sections and labels.
  • We enhanced the display of information in the dialog line.


  • We enhanced the placement of pins.
  • We enhanced the placement of main rebar with different diameters.



When you draw a wall by using the “Enter at right angles” option (dialog line), you can continue to draw the wall in the last direction selected, even after you have selected the “Last point” option on the shortcut menu of the wall.


Space Allocation Wizard starts without displaying a message, even if an earlier Allplan version is not installed.


After you have assigned custom attributes whose units are units of length or area to an object, the Properties palette correctly displays and changes these custom attributes.

When you load a favorite with an attribute as a sort criterion in the Objects palette and this attribute no longer exists, Allplan displays a message and sorts by the last attribute selected.

Views and sections

You can copy neither clipping paths nor views and sections from a wizard into the drawing file. A message tells you that this is not possible.

If the “Apply surface elements to finishing surfaces” option is selected in views and sections, surface elements are no longer visible in layouts. Earlier versions displayed surface elements in layouts even if no surface elements were assigned to finish specifications.

The layers of visible smart symbols and SmartParts remain unchanged in views and sections even if the “Update automatically” option is not selected when you generate the views and sections.

When you create a clipping path in a view or section in a drawing file that is open in edit mode, the clipping path does not disappear when you switch to another drawing file.

You can rotate 3D elements in sections where the “Soffit” option is selected as you would do this in version earlier than 2021-1.


Bar reinforcement

You can create bar shapes without problems after you have changed the placing region by means of direct object modification.

You can modify a mirrored placement by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool without problems.

You can modify the placing length of reinforcement by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool without problems, even after you have used the clipboard to copy the reinforcement to a new drawing file.

After the enhancement of the “Rotate” tool in the last hotfix, you could no longer rotate individual bars of a placement. We solved this problem.

The schema no longer includes an incorrect segment length for longitudinal reinforcement created by means of the “Sweep Bars Along Path” tool.

You can remove individual bars of a placement by means of the “Delete” tool.

Allplan no longer deletes the label of the placement when you delete a single bar of the placement.

You can use handles (direct object modification) to move bar labels with leaders, even after you have moved all objects in the drawing file by means of “Move Linked” and then undone the move by means of “Undo”.

When you rotate the label later, Allplan correctly rotates the representation of the bending shape together with the label. In addition, you can freely rotate the representation of the bending shape on its own.

User-defined attributes remain unchanged when you modify the placement quantities by using the Properties palette or the “Modify Placement” tool.

You can copy elements from a wizard into a drawing file that contain views and sections with reinforcement.

Allplan moves and copies reinforcement to the correct position within views and sections, even if you select the reinforcement by using the Objects palette.

Views and sections are still visible when you turn off “Automatic placement”.

When you change the name of a reinforcement report in Layout Designer, text errors no longer occur with units or table values.

In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you opened a reinforcement drawing file from Allplan 2020. We solved this problem.

In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you imported drawing files with associative legends or created associative legends. We solved this problem.

In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you uploaded drawing files with reinforcement to Bimplus. We solved this problem.

You can delete 2D reinforcement without problems, even if you double-click the right mouse button to select the elements that you edited previously.

You can correctly move 2D reinforcement after you have modified its placement parameters.

Reports and nonassociative legends of 2D reinforcement output the correct number of pieces when you select only the schema bars.

Reinforcement views

In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you increased the placing region of reinforcement views by means of direct object modification. We solved this problem.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details



You can download the current version of Scalypso as a ZIP file by using the Services application. Select “Service” - “Scalypso plug-in”. The ZIP file is no longer included in Allplan hotfixes. After having unzipped the file, install Scalypso by double-clicking the EXE file.

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program as well as warped slabs (”Warped Slabs” task area) in various places. In addition to architectural walls, you can now also create architectural columns.

We added several new nodes for 2D surface elements to the library folders Layout and Palettes\Layout.