Hotfix Allplan 2022-0-6

Release notes (02/16/2022)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

In certain cases, incorrect memory allocation for textures caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

MSI Setup

The country-specific templates for Austria have been fixed. The ETC folder is now filled correctly by the setup.

The upgrade for running Allplan versions has been improved.

All textures are now fully installed, even if the options panel was not opened.

In the Turkish version, the project 'Hello Allplan!' is now installed correctly.



Imports of Sketchup data have been accelerated and improved.


The upload from Allplan to Bimplus has been enhanced.

AutoCAD interface

In the DWG export, reinforcing bar and mesh placements are again transferred correctly in views and sections.

In the DWG import, the coordinate transformation from Gauss-Krüger to UTM coordinates has been improved.


To create objects according to the BG Bau specifications, the two attributes 'width class' and 'load class' have been implemented in the attribute group 'Architecture General'.

The execution of the 'Transfer attributes' function has been accelerated.

User interface

In the 'Construction' roll, the 'Layout Editor' task area now exists only once by default.

The simple Tooltip is now displayed again in the correct position for all standard configurations.


Placing of symbol fixtures has been improved.

Formula definition

Formulas were evaluated incorrectly if conditions were not met; this has been corrected.

In formulas, wildcards within conditions are evaluated correctly again.


In certain cases the program crashed when printing or exporting from the print preview; this has now been fixed.

When replacing drawing files in the building structure, the storage location for temporary CAD data is now no longer changed.

The result of the Wireframe is again accurate to 9 decimal places.

When changing the drawing file status from 'active' to 'in edit mode', a changed reference scale is now saved.


When creating text leaders with applied background fill, the default order of the text leaders remains unchanged.


After switching on the 'construction line', circles and ellipses are now displayed again with the format properties of the construction line.


Curve dimensioning with a fixed length can now be done correctly again.

The associative dimensioning of architectural openings is now updated correctly after modifying the opening width.

In curve dimensioning, the dimensioning can now be generated without decimal places.

Layout Editor

When exporting layouts to PDF with the 'Entire layout contents' option enabled, individual lines were partially offset; this has now been fixed.


In Vulkan mode, the program now no longer crashes when using an environment effect (fog, bloom, etc.).

Navigating in the 'RTRender' view type has been accelerated. When the representation is changed, multiple initialization is no longer performed.

In Vulkan mode, certain patterns were not displayed in the layout; this is now fixed.

Handles and Direct object modification elements are now correctly and completely displayed in Vulkan mode.

With the 'Gouraud' setting for the animation shading style, the specified transparency of the objects is now displayed correctly.

Views and Sections

The display of views and sections with fill or bitmap areas has been accelerated.

If model data, axis grid and views and sections are located on different drawing files, the axis grid is now copied correctly when copying a horizontal section within the building structure.

When creating views and sections, axis grids in wizards or free NDW files are now no longer taken into account.

Associative dimension lines in views and sections are now updated correctly even if the model data is not loaded.

After creating sections with display of the axis grid, creating a view on a new drawing file caused the program to crash in certain cases; this has now been fixed.

When you move the cursor to the section object, only the section object or the view border of the associated section is now marked with the selection preview color.

If openings are modified via the properties palette, the associative dimensioning in views and sections is now preserved.

Modifying the grid lines with 'Stretch Entities' within the view border has been improved.

Structural framing

For the 'Connection Toolbox' function, the texts in the palette have been corrected.


Unfinished structure

The data conversion of downstand beams from previous versions with regard to plan display and priority has been improved.

After intersecting downstand beams and walls, niches in the downstand beam were linked to the wall after modifying the parameters; this is now fixed.

When intersecting profiled downstand beams with architectural walls, the exact intersection solid is now generated again if the appropriate setting is made in the options.


When changing the 'Function' attribute for a room, the set heights of the lateral coverings now remain unchanged.


Parameters in the 'Railing - Properties' dialog box can be modified faster and the stability has been improved.


Copying and moving a finished reinforcement drawing to the next floor has been improved.

The quality of Allplan has been further improved by addressing comprehensible messages from the Allplan Quality Manager.

Bar reinforcement

Modifying hooks via the properties palette has been improved.

Mesh Reinforcement

If the automatically determined 'Actual number of pieces' was overwritten with your own determined number of pieces, this could lead to incorrect numbers of pieces in reports; this has now been fixed.


When generating reinforcement reports for multiple drawing files containing couplers and/or threads, incorrect coupler and thread information could show up in the report; this has now been fixed.


The format properties of the initial bar of the carpet outline were not taken from the options in views and sections; this is now fixed.


By selecting the precast element label, you can use the properties palette again to modify the precast element and the label.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. DETAILS

Visual Scripting

We have enhanced the user interface and program in various places.