Hotfix Allplan 2024-1-3

Release notes (06/05/2024)


Thanks to several edits and corrected messages in the Quality Reporter, Allplan now is even more stable.


IFC Interface

The IFC ID of floor surfaces now remains unchanged during repeated IFC4 export.


Performance suffered when using various user attributes; this has now been improved.

When using the 'IFC Common' attribute template, all attributes are displayed again for the 'SiteCommon' property set at the 'Property' structure level.

The attributes 'Durability group' and 'HygrothermalRating_Type' are available again.

User-Defined Objects


When transferring and modifying SmartParts, user-defined attributes were sometimes not transferred correctly; this has now been fixed.


In certain cases, zooming the design in plan display in Vulkan mode caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.



Tooltips are now available again for many parameters in the new palette input.

Precast Elements

List generation

When calculating lattice girders by girder type, the weight of the KTS girders is displayed correctly again in the measurement sheet for the ceiling.

We have adapted a special customer list for prestressed hollow core slabs.

In the measurement sheet for the ceiling, the project-related calculation of the recesses according to limit area is correctly determined again.


The report for outputting formwork elements has been improved.

Allplan Bridge

We have updated the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in. Details