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Automatic derivation of analysis model

In Allplan Bridge the structural model does not need to be modelled from beginning but the existing geometrical model is used as a basis. With some minor analysis relevant definitions, the geometrical model is complemented, and the analytical model can be generated automatically. This automated process is completely user controlled.

Some of the analysis relevant definition start already in the cross-section definition. By using “structural units” the user specifies, which bridge parts contribute to the structural system and which need to be considered only as load. Furthermore, it defines into how many beam elements the super- or substructure needs to be subdivided.

One of the additional analysis relevant definition that need to be made is the definition of the degrees of freedom (DOF) of a spring element.

Further analysis relevant definitions need to be specified on the girder level. The element numbers are assigned automatically, and the user must choose only the material.

The analytical model for tendons is also generated from their geometry. The product analysis the exact position of the tendon relative to the girder and assigns the corresponding beam elements to the tendon automatically.

  • Automatic or manual numbering of beam elements
  • Calculation of cross-section properties for arbitrary cross-sections
  • Semiautomatic generation of grillage model
  • Analytical 3D tendon element derived from geometrical tendon layout