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Apply additional loads

The weight and the position of superimposed dead loads (like sidewalk, road pavement, etc.) are automatically retrieved from the geometrical model. This is done for all structural parts which are marked as load. The product evaluates the area of the equipment and from the assigned material the load intensity is calculated. Once the user specifies the point in time of the equipment installation, the load is applied on the structural system as a uniformly distributed load in the centre of gravity of the equipment.

Additional loads, like temperature change, wind loads, settlement, loads due to braking and acceleration, etc. can be defined and applied easily as well. For this in the construction sequence definition in the final state a specific task – load case needs to be generated and corresponding loads need to be specified. The structural components that need to be loaded are interactively assigned to these tasks and this assignment applies the load on the beam elements.

  • Automatic derivation of loads from geometrical model
  • Standard definition of SDL loads also possible
  • Interactive selection of elements to be loaded