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3D Model creation without compromise

The 3D parametric model description considers the road layout, bridge alignment and required cross-sections, making model configuration quick and efficient.

Complex geometries including double curved alignment and variable cross-sections can be created easily with the help of alphanumeric entries and formulas.

For example, the user only needs to define one typical cross-section and Allplan Bridge will accurately calculate all cross-section variants in accordance with the defined table(s) or/and formula(s). A complete 3D Bridge model cannot be generated more easily or quickly.

  • Intuitive, modern interface with full graphical input (optionally also in ASCII format)
  • Easy definition & exact geometry
  • Supporting many shapes of superstructure, substructure & foundations
  • Input of different types of bridges
  • Comprehensive but easy to learn
  • From preliminary design till drawing production
  • Modifications possible at any design stage
  • One model for modeling, analysis and drafting & detailing
  • Full-featured data link with Allplan Engineering (Bimplus)
  • Parametric placement of library objects
  • “Linear model approach” → Reliable
  • Each defined cross section and model can be reused as template